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  1. Stacyspy

    Post your Gripe

    As if it isn't difficult enough to sell handmade soap, now our local WalMart has added an ENTIRE aisle of soap supplies...sigh... from molds to soap bases to fragrance get the idea. So now everyone's and expert. With no knowledge of any aspect of soaping, I have people telling me how...
  2. Stacyspy

    Hello, Soapy Friends!

  3. Stacyspy

    One thing after another....

    So, with holiday shows approaching, I'm so far behind...for good reasons and bad reasons. After getting Grammy's affairs in order, I found that her last will left me the house and contents. So now more lawyers and angry relatives...sigh. At least they're 1300 miles away, and my lawyer is...
  4. Stacyspy

    My childhood quilt...and my Grammy

    I haven't been around much, and I'm going to try and get better about it... My Grammy fell ill, and I went to see her. I drove almost 19 hours to NY, and was able to spend just 5 days with her. Shortly after I began the trip back to Missouri, I got the phone call I had been dreading. Grammy was...
  5. Stacyspy

    Post your Gripe

    This probably will be more of an angry rant than gripe, but here goes. First, a little history...DH has been divorced from his first wife for 12 years. He has 2 kids with her. Their son J is 15 and he's had him all along. Their daughter M just turned 13 yesterday, and he's had her since she was...
  6. Stacyspy

    Post your Gripe

    My gripe? It's been festering since May 23, when the small apartment complex I manage got a "visit" from the USDA. What it turned out to be was a full inspection... visits can be unannounced, while inspections must have an appointment, because they interview tenants, they want access to my...
  7. Stacyspy

    Bridal Expo...Help!!!

    Thanks all for the help! DH reminded me I had wedding supplies I bought at an auction, and there was a case of bridal dress favor boxes! I used the leftover holiday salts and milk baths I had, tweaked the scents a little, and renamed them. I made some small size sugar scrub cubes, and small MP...
  8. Stacyspy

    Bridal Expo...Help!!!

    Thank you! I have tons of the jewelry baggies, and I just got an order from Online Labels, so I'd be good to go. Would the scent stay truer if I were to do MP samples? I'm trying to stay away from wax melts until I find a new go to wax. My fave was discontinued, and I haven't found one I like yet.
  9. Stacyspy

    Bridal Expo...Help!!!

    I actually started setting one up, and all I would have to do is add pics...shipping for 5 days is $9. So that could be an option. But I wonder if a sample and a business card would be better.
  10. Stacyspy

    Bridal Expo...Help!!!

    So, a friend recommended me for a bridal expo. Having never done an event like this, I need help. I've done many shows and markets and I know this will be out of my comfort zone. The info I have is that it is a first year event. It is at a local, relatively new wedding/vacation venue, and is...
  11. Stacyspy

    Lye Storage

    Hi all! Normally, I buy my lye in 5- 10 lb containers. However, I've been given a 5 gal pail...yay!... but I'm uncertain how to store it. I cannot haul around the pail, and once I open it, I'd like to have a plan in place to keep it as fresh as possible. I have a gamma bucket setup, would it be...
  12. Stacyspy

    Nurture Soap free shipping!!!!

    I don't think so. I got an email, and clicked the link. It just said free shipping on all orders over $30. That would be fantastic. I wasn't sure, as it came a sale type email. I just got the email this afternoon :)
  13. Stacyspy

    Nurture Soap free shipping!!!!

    Woohoo!!! Happy birthday to Nurture is running a free shipping on everything promo...I am now officially a FO ho!!!! Plus you get free stuff with orders...
  14. Stacyspy

    Got this email today from AH/RE

    How do you think it will affect you? "Due to a disastrous warehouse fire at a critical manufacturer, our industry is experiencing a shortage of multiple critical ingredients used in the formulations of many fragrances. Rustic Escentuals has already experienced a negative issue with a...
  15. Stacyspy

    Leftover holidays salts

    Apple Caramel Crunch and White Christmas. The apple just wasn't a big seller in salts, and White Christmas could be something woodsy, but everything I think of is still "christmassy"
  16. Stacyspy

    Leftover holidays salts

    I've marked them down, so that sold a couple, but I even thought about adding another scent to maybe take it away from a holiday least a little. I didn't think to try them in a soap, but I bet that would take away at least some of the holiday scent. Thanks !!!!!
  17. Stacyspy

    Leftover holidays salts

    So... I had several packages of bath salts leftover, in holiday scents. What do you do with leftovers? If I vacuum seal them, what do you think are the chances of them lasting longer? I figure I'd have to add fragrance again. I just hate to let them go to waste. Thanks!
  18. Stacyspy

    You know you're a soapmaker when....

    ... when DH gives you a "food" vacuum sealer, and then he just sighs when you wonder how it would work on bath bombs....
  19. Stacyspy

    The word association game

  20. Stacyspy

    Shower Steamer Question

    I use FOs in my steamers. When I was doing my testing, folks couldn't tell the difference between the EOs and FOs. It was much easier to justify the cost of FOs.