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  1. fuzz-juzz

    Fresh scents?

    I'm really into fresh scents lately, I have few FOs with the mixture of different notes, but nothing basic like lemongrass etc. I haven't had much luck with EOs in CP. I've only used few though. I was looking into trying peppermint, lemongrass and eucalyptus EOs? How are your experiences with...
  2. fuzz-juzz

    Weird (rancid) smell in LS?

    I'm using LS recipe by IrishLass and I'm generally happy with it. It's gentle on my hands, works great in foaming bottles etc. However, I've been having some issues with it when it gets mixed with particular FOs. It gets this really weird, rancid smell to the point of being unusable. I only...
  3. fuzz-juzz

    Well soapmaking...

    was and is apparently one of the worst jobs in the history :D I came across this video not long ago, just sharing it for those who might have not seen it already. I love when the guy says in the end of the video, how in olden days soap WAS made with tallow. I guess it was a while since he's...
  4. fuzz-juzz

    Finally got that elusive butterfly..

    .. without actually trying. :) Batter traced fast so I just plopped into a mold as neatly as I could. Swirled with a stick a bit and that's it. It was recipe with 25% RBO. I love how the soap turns out but it traces so fast. Oh and note partial gel. Bottom didn't gel haha.
  5. fuzz-juzz

    Tallow in LS?

    I belong to this liquid soap makers group on FB and someone posted 100% tallow LS photo and it looks wonderful, it's opaque but it's got this lovely pearly shine. Apparently it's a nice soap too. So I know we don't believe everything we see on FB groups but has anyone tried tallow in LS and...
  6. fuzz-juzz


    Just made some 20% tallow soap. Rest is my usual recipe CO, OO, Rice bran, castor. I just swapped PO and added tallow. 33% water. No other additives except FOs. Anyway, I made it as few individual soaps and one smaller slab. None of them gelled as I had MP embeds. Ash and crumbliness are...
  7. fuzz-juzz

    So...I tried my 100% CO bar

    And I definitely experienced definition of being squeaky clean. :-D My skin squeaked for real under shower. It's 100% CO with 20% SF, I've seen idea on here once (pretty sure) and had to try it. I only made few bars so not a big batch, might leave them for hot and humid Aussie summer as...
  8. fuzz-juzz


    I feel we should have a section for venting. :problem: I came across this soaping community a while ago, it's in my native language so I try to educate newbies to the best of my abilities, but I'm constantly getting shot down by oldies in the community who think they know the best. New low was...
  9. fuzz-juzz

    Milk in soaps?

    I came across this blog that claims milk products etc in soaps can produce unknown substances, possibly cancerous. Same goes for other stuff like honey, any food really. As we are not sure what will they become after contact with lye. Aren't majority of us here doomed lol. Anyway, your...
  10. fuzz-juzz

    Tall and skinny mold in Australia?

    Does anyone know how to get them here? Appart from buying in US and paying for ridiculous postage? :( I've seen them pop up on Aussie CP FB pages but no one's willing to share how they got it. I contacted Aussiesoapsupplies and they were thinking of stocking BB one, but it will take weeks or...
  11. fuzz-juzz

    Rendering tallow or lard?

    How do you do it? My whole life my family and I have been putting in the pot with a little bit of water to start it off and then let it cook down and melt. I came across this info in soaping group in my language and can't find any similar info googling it english. Apparently, how it...
  12. fuzz-juzz

    War on lard!

    Had to post this, I hope link will work. It's more of a rant, after many futile tries to look for lard in local supermarkets now I know why it's not stocked anymore. Ridiculous! Why don't they ban soft drinks, chocolates, lollies, fast food...
  13. fuzz-juzz

    Few soapy pics:

    I have to show off. :) After so many fails with TD, it finally worked for me. I've used oil dispersible TD and it worked so well, without crackling even though soaps gelled. Black/white: charcoal, CM and American dream (type) FO Teal: CM soap with Beach (type) FO Orange/red: CM soap and...
  14. fuzz-juzz

    Few new soaps

    I haven't posted in a while, I'm sorry if some photos are double posted. University took over my life, and "sadly" I was able to make only few batches since February. On the first photo are lemon verbena from WSP and BB wasabi (my personal favourite) And on the second one, Blackberry vanilla...
  15. fuzz-juzz

    Few new soaps

    These are the soaps I made in the last few weeks. First two are made with Beach type FO and one of our favourites Lotus Blossom. Second FO is sooo well behaved, I love soaping with it. On the second photo is my lard soap with Nectarine/Honey FO and after few weeks, all that was left of...
  16. fuzz-juzz

    WSP to Oz?

    Hi everyone! Has anyone from Australia order from WSP before and was happy with the service? I am aware that postage will probably kill my budget but I don't care. They carry some FOs that I can't find here and desperately want to get them. :oops: TIA
  17. fuzz-juzz

    Hi :)

    Hi :wave: Long time lurker, and just recently started to post. :smile: Here are some of my recent creations that I want to share. Wasabi FO (BB) and OMH FO. And black raspberry and vanilla on the other photo. I am using coconut milk as a half of the water. I have tried GM, but prefer coconut...
  18. fuzz-juzz

    Hi from Oz!

    I've been stalking this forum for a while but just joined today.:wave: