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    Amsterdam, Paris, London, Scotland & Reykjavík,Iceland

    Skyr! So that's what it's called. We were served it at breakfast, and I remember thinking, "Wow, if this is yogurt, what have I been eating all these years?" You're right, it is amazing.
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    Amsterdam, Paris, London, Scotland & Reykjavík,Iceland

    I'm green with envy! I looooove to travel, but my sick cat is holding me hostage. :( Of the places that you've mentioned, I've only been to Amsterdam and Reykjavik. Amsterdam was a whirlwind of a bus tour. We had a long layover on the way to Spain and decided not to spend it in the airport, so...
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    For how long is an active ingredient active?

    I do apply it before bed, but it's supposed to be used both morning and evening. And it just got me to wondering about active ingredients in general, all the different things we apply to our skin. I like to use olive squalane on my face, so I thought maybe I could leave the rosacea cream on for...
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    For how long is an active ingredient active?

    Thank you both for your info. Earlene, I was thinking about all and any active ingredients actually, but the half life idea gives me a new direction to explore. Thanks!
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    For how long is an active ingredient active?

    I have a question, and no amount of Googling has brought me any closer to an answer, so I'm hoping some of the brilliant minds here might have an answer. For how long are active ingredients in a product that gets applied to the skin active, after being applied? I'm guessing it depends on the...
  6. navigator9

    Vegetable Growing

    You don't need to explain to me the desire to cram in just one more tomato plant! I'm doing square foot gardening, and have only one bed, but way too many tomatoes in it, and thoroughly understand the "wild mass of tangled vines" you describe. I lost tomatoes last year because I just couldn't...
  7. navigator9

    Vegetable Growing

    IL, that pic is from last summer, it will be a while before I see tomatoes this season, although I have had a few Sungold cherry sweet! The ones in the pic are Cherokee Purple (had a lot of catfacing, that needed to be cut off, so I didn't grow those again this year) Also, Black...
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    What Are You Watching?

    It may be a while before we see the third season of HV, but that's OK, it's worth the wait. I'm hoping there will be another season of "The Keepers"...I'm dying to know what happens with that case!
  9. navigator9

    What Are You Watching?

    I'm a fan of crime/detective dramas, and I've enjoyed watching Dicte, about a crime reporter in Denmark, and Hinterland, set in Wales, Case Histories with Jason Isaacs, The Fall, with Gillian Anderson, and Southcliffe. I've enjoyed them all but I'm most eagerly awaiting the third season of Happy...
  10. navigator9

    Vegetable Growing

    As you can probably tell, tomatoes are my favorite. I can never have too many. There's nothing like growing your own vegetables. I envy all of your sunny space, my yard is quite shady, but enough sun for these.
  11. navigator9

    First Farmers Market day of the summer

    Love your display, neat and orderly, not over crowded. Good signage, business cards, nice packaging. I'd shop there!
  12. navigator9

    Experimenting With Emulsified Oil Cleansers

    Hi IL, I started the thread in the first link you posted, and I have to say that since then, I've pretty much exclusively switched to the cleansing oil for washing my face. It just feels so nice, it's so easy to make, and cheaply, too! I'm still using olive squalane afterwards as a moisturizer...
  13. navigator9

    Finding the right mold

    I'm not Carolyn, and she may do it differently, but when I used a milk carton, I just opened up the top all the way, and poured the batter in, then closed it up again, and wrapped it in a towel. I think if you cut the side off, it's going to bow out a lot, and you'll have to find something to...
  14. navigator9

    Finding the right mold

    The first silicone mold I ever bought was made by Uplands, now long out of business. I had the same warping problem, or so I thought. The sides of the mold, when inside the wooden box, were all wavy. But when it was sitting on the counter, out of the box, drying off after I washed it, the sides...
  15. navigator9

    Craft weekend - whatchya doing?

    I hope to find some time to work on a necklace I'd like to make. I saw this picture, and I'd like to try this using chain, instead of fiber. I finally got all of the supplies together, but I'm having some friends over for dinner this weekend, so...
  16. navigator9

    If I were to sell...

    lenarenne, you and I have a similar philosophy on soapmaking. I didn't get into soapmaking because I wanted prettier soap. I wanted better soap. Swirling and brightly colored soaps were never my thing. And still, people really like my soap. I did have attractive packaging, people often commented...
  17. navigator9

    Post your Gripe

    lenerenee, save yourself the aggravation. Isn't it cute (not cute!) how so many businesses make it close to impossible to find contact information easily? Oh yes, it's somewhere on their website, but you have to jump through hoops to find it. Just google a contact number and talk to a human. The...
  18. navigator9

    I got a new puppy!

    obsidian, congrats on your new puppy! So good to hear that he's out of that horrible situation and into a good home. cellador, don't give up on the rescue organizations, it's worth it to hang in there. I went through some of those same situations a little over a year ago, and now I feel it may...
  19. navigator9

    Before I attempt this CP...

    I frequently use individual silicone molds, and I like to gel all my soaps, so this is the method I use. It's not the only way to do it, but it works for me, and gives consistent results. I would use a cookie sheet, and line it with newspaper or cardboard, because raw soap batter will cause...
  20. navigator9

    face masks to prevent flu

    You mention you have mucous issues. I swear by Mucinex, even the store brand works just as well. I start taking it as soon as I feel myself getting sick, and I also drink tons of water. I have asthma, and can run into trouble if I end up with bronchitis, so heading it off is my strategy, and...