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  1. doriettefarm

    A few of my latest

    I haven't made much soap lately because I have a huge stockpile that I need to unload. The spearmint-eucalyptus batch was a special order so more than half of it is already spoken for. The calamine batch was an experiment in making my own calamine powder (using zinc + iron oxide) plus I just...
  2. doriettefarm

    Fragrancebuddy 20% off

    FB is having a 4th of July sale. 20% off thru 7/5/17 at midnight with promo code 'PROMO4'.
  3. doriettefarm

    Soap du jour

    Cranked out a few batches this weekend. First up is Chipotle Caramel from BB with red Vibrance mica from Nurture. Next up is Sweet as Honey with Wild Mountain Honey FO from FB and Maya Gold mica from Nurture. Also made a batch for the March challenge but I'm undecided on whether it will be my...
  4. doriettefarm

    Emoji collaboration soap

    Made this batch with a friend on Sunday afternoon. She provided the cute mold for the emoji toppers and hand-painted their tiny faces with mica in rubbing alcohol. That was probably the most time consuming step in the whole process! I think it was worth it because without the paint it was...
  5. doriettefarm

    A few of my latest

    I haven't done many EO batches lately so I thought it was time. #1 is a special request batch for a friend with a blend of lavender/patchouli/cedarwood and purple clay & AC for color. #2 is a spearmint/eucalyptus blend with teal green & sea green mica from Nurture. It smells just like...
  6. doriettefarm

    Aloe-Avo Blast hanger swirl

    I haven't made much soap this month so felt the need to 'catch up' since I'm on vacation this week. Tested out a new Lush dupe of Avobath from FragranceBuddy which behaved very well . . . just hope it sticks around during cure.
  7. doriettefarm

    SMF's Tvivian featured on Soapqueen!

    I haven't seen Tvivian post lately but noticed she was featured on soapqueen's blog so wanted to share I even recognize one of the soaps featured in the blog post . . . I was lucky enough to receive one in a swap. Just...
  8. doriettefarm

    WSP - Cyber Monday FO sale

    WSP is having a 35% off FO sale + free shipping starting tomorrow at 9am EST and ending Nov 30 at midnight. Email says it will be their last FO sale before the end of the year. I didn't see a coupon code so I assume the discount will automatically be applied.
  9. doriettefarm

    Mother of Dragons

    I was so excited to try out a new Dragon's Blood FO that I got busy yesterday. I knew it would discolor so planned on a black base and thought it would be a brilliant move to use red neon for the 'blood'. Things were going great until I started to pour . . . the black portion was moving faster...
  10. doriettefarm

    Largest batches to date

    Have to show off the 2 largest batches of soap I've made to date. Both were recipes using 5lbs of oils (one all-veggie and one lard) and produced over 7lbs of finished soap each . . . 18 bars each loaf for a total of 36 bars. They were made during a soap class that I taught Tuesday night along...
  11. doriettefarm

    Sugar skull bubble bars

    I've never been a pro at bubble bars but finally found a recipe I could work with, not too sticky and doesn't take days to dry. Made these yesterday afternoon and by this afternoon they were firm enough to paint with mica & rubbing alcohol. I made sure to pick a non-discoloring FO for this...
  12. doriettefarm

    Un-scary bat soap

    Found some cute little silicone bat molds at Michael's and had to buy them for M&P toppers. Definitely happy bats not scary ones, they are smiling! Scented with Hot Apple Pie FO from BB, all micas from Nurture.
  13. doriettefarm

    It's football season

    So I felt inspired to make soap in my team's colors (U of A) and also because my bag of Really Red mica from Nurture was crying out 'pick me, pick me'. It's actually the old really red formula so I've had it a while now and don't know why it didn't try it sooner. I forced gel because I didn't...
  14. doriettefarm

    Monster Mash surprise

    Because monsters like sushi, I scented this batch with Wasabi FO from WSP. I attempted a cosmic wave pour but had too much uncolored batter in the bottom of my pitcher (which ended up covering most of the cool swirls). Overall I liked the technique but next time need to adjust how I portion &...
  15. doriettefarm

    Sparkling Limoncello w/CP lemon slices

    I'm so stoked about how this turned out I just had to share with you guys! I finally came up with an idea to use some Sorcery Soap soap dough that's been taunting me for at least a month if not more. The inspiration came from a new FO I ordered from WSP after deciding I could probably make...
  16. doriettefarm

    Bubble scoops bathtime treats

    These babies smell sooo good I want to eat them! Used unrefined cocoa butter, cocoa powder & BB's chipotle caramel FO (inspired by TeresaT's love of Mexican cocoa). Now I want to make another batch without the cocoa that's like an apple - cinnamon pie.
  17. doriettefarm

    20% off Fragrancebuddy sale

    20% off all Fragrancebuddy items thru July 5th using promo code PROMO4
  18. doriettefarm

    Bubble dough experiments

    For some reason I've been a little meh about soaping lately. But I've been itching to branch out into other B&B products thus the bubble dough experiment. I made 2 batches using different recipes so I could compare the performance. First recipe turned out extremely bubbly but it's slightly...
  19. doriettefarm

    Soap with no name

    Made this batch yesterday but I'm struggling to come up with a cool name for it. I used 2 different types of sandalwood powder and black clay as colorants. FO is The Voice of Reason (a Lush dupe) and the FB description says notes of tonka bean, sandalwood, rose & buddha wood so I'm trying to...
  20. doriettefarm

    Buttermilk Bread

    As promised here's the recipe for the best sandwich/grilled cheese/french toast bread ever! Gotta give credit to the source, the recipe can be found in the 'Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day' cookbook. Recipe makes three 1.5lb loaves 2 cups lukewarm water 1 cup buttermilk 1.5 Tbsp...