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  1. Missjulesdid

    Movie to add to your queues... or just run out and rent!

    PS I love you... I didn't want to see if because I didn't like the title, but I'm so glad I did If you love a good tear jerker, then you have to see this movie, it's sad, and funny and sweet.... I cried like a baby through the entire thing..... Then I watched it a second time and yup, cried...
  2. Missjulesdid

    I need help ayone have any ideas???

    Ok, I have a cool idea to set my products apart... My company name is Birch Hill Soap.. (thanks again Tab for saving me from calling it Quabbin Naturals) My stuff is pretty natural I use primarily eos for fragrance and herbs to color. Anyway, I wanted to incorporate the birch into my brand a...
  3. Missjulesdid


    Anyone order from them before... they have a high minimum order $150 and only sell most Eo's in one pound minimums, but boy oh boy their prices are awesome.... How are the oils?
  4. Missjulesdid

    wasabi from brambleberry

    Everyone got a free sample at the conference. It smells SOOOOOOOOOO good oob. I can't wait to try it in soap.
  5. Missjulesdid

    snow drift farms has bacteria grower sets

    When I was at the hsmg conference, I got a free bacteria grower tester kit from snowdriftfarms. Maybe some of you already use these, but I had never seen one. I'm very excited to use it. She sells them in sets of one dozen i believe.
  6. Missjulesdid

    HSMG conference swirrling

    ok, so Lori Nova did an awesome deomonstration on how she gets her swirls. Here are the key points I got: Don't work with a water discount.Add the EOs BEFORE TRACE. She mixes them in just after emulsion. Work at a very light trace pour the lines in a grid by serpentine horizontally and...
  7. Missjulesdid

    HSMG conference whipped body butter-DIDN'T MELT THE SHEA

    So Debbie May Made the easiest whipped body butter ever, and it was awesome. Here is her recipe: 6 ounces refined shea. MAKE SURE IT isn't GRAINY. 2 ounces jojoba 2 ounces sweet almond 1/4 tsp vit e 3 ml fragrance Cut off the shea butter from your block, weigh it and then dump it in...
  8. Missjulesdid

    HSMG conference-keeping bathbombs from breaking

    Add a little kaolin clay (like a few tablespoons per pound) Debbie May did a demonstration and they were rock hard after a few minutes and I don't think would ever crack. Debbie also demonstrated several other products we can make to easily expand our offerings in order to up the average...
  9. Missjulesdid

    HSMG Conference-Sandy Maine: "The Artisan Market"

    Sandy Maine was the Keynote speaker for the conference. She basically covered the future of our market. She discussed the various niches in which we can be playing and the marketshare available for each niche. One of the main takeaways from her talk was that, while the market for handcrafted...
  10. Missjulesdid

    HSMG National Soapmaking Conference in VT report

    Hello friends. I just returned from Vermont and have lots of information. I'll post according to each topic that we covered in the conference and I'll do my best to post in the appropriate sections on this board to try to make everything more clear.... So if you see about a bajillion posts from...
  11. Missjulesdid

    My first testimonial

    I'm so excited I got my first testimonial from someone who WASN'T a friend or family member. It's for my lanolin and shea footbalm: "I have the worst skin ever. Its so dry its nasty. I can get out of the shower, put on some lotion, and literally 10 minutes later its flaking. I have used...
  12. Missjulesdid

    is this ricing?

    ok, so I made a batch of birch beer soap yesterday and had a problem Here's my recipie: 15% castor 30% CO 15%OO 30%RBO 20% Palm 8% superfat I used aloe juice for my water. and added 1.5 teaspoons of titatnium dioxide ppo into the melted oils (the titatinum dioxide is oil soluable)...
  13. Missjulesdid

    uniform bars

    ok, so I'm sorry to be monopolizing the forum today, but I have one more question ok, so... I've been cutting my bars free hand with a knife. I LOVE the rustic uneven not always square look. It really accentuates the rustic feel of some of my most natural ingredient soaps, however, I think I...
  14. Missjulesdid

    favorite 3 oils

    Ok, BESIDES olive oil and Coconut oil, What are your three favorite oils to use in CP Me: Castor, Almond, Tallow
  15. Missjulesdid

    bubbly-vs-creamy in soapcalc

    ok all you soapcalc experts. I'm toying with a recipie and I ran it through soapcalc and it had a hardness 44 cleansing 17 condition 52 bubbly 31 creamy 41 my question is this, do you think that even though the creamy and bubbly are both quite high, that the creamy would overpower...
  16. Missjulesdid

    Soap dedicated to Ian

    Ian, here's "Soothing Sauna." dedicated to you: Soap: Almond oil: 20% Castor oil:10% Olive oil: 30% Coconut oil 30% cocoa butter:5% Shea butter: 5% aloe powder (reconstituted and used in the lyebath) .1 oz coconut milk powder ppo (I mix with the FOs) superfat at 8% and I used Vit e b/c...
  17. Missjulesdid

    Swirls help!!!

    Ok, So I just recently started doing larger batches. When I did smaller batches (one to two pound) I swirled in the pot and the soap came out loverly... now I'm doing larger batches using 8 pounds of oils. I swirl in the pot but when I cut all the swirls are along the edges of the batch and...
  18. Missjulesdid

    little globs of ultramarine

    Ok, so I never used anything but herb colorants but I wanted to try an ultramarine, I read the instructions carefully and took reserved a litte bit of oil then mixed it with the powder.. When I was stirring it in the soap I noticed that the pigment had not mixed with the oil.. THEN I REALIZED I...
  19. Missjulesdid

    Best scent in CP ever!!!

    ok, maybe not the best scent EVER, but the best yet that I have made ... 2parts 10x orange EO 1 part midnight pommegranite FO 1/4 part patchouli EO added at .5 oz ppo I made this scent for body soap, and I did a matching body silk spray. I'm addicted! (edited to add): Hey Mod, can...
  20. Missjulesdid

    last week's wedding cake

    Wedding cake I did for my cousin last weekend. Her wedding colors were red and dark brown which had me really worried since I like to do pretty pastel spring flowers and delicate daisys and such.. also the darn cake was dark chocolate very difficult for me to do white frosting on a chocolate...