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  1. TBandCW

    Nice To Be Back!

    Last show of the year was a couple of weeks ago and none till March 2018! Nice to have some down time to spend with the grandkids and sleep in with the hubby. Then on to making more product and eating cup-o-noodles till the $$ starts flowing again!
  2. TBandCW

    Gel Question?

    I tried the search with no luck. I make a full gm soap with no trouble in a slab mold that gels just fine. I now make it in a loaf mold and it didn't gel all the way. My question is, do I need to make it warmer (wrap in towel), or is it best to cool it down to prevent gel. Thanks!
  3. TBandCW

    Shea Butter Question?

    I have a large tub of refined shea butter that I keep in my unheated garage. It's probably 5 months old and some edges are turning white and chalky. Is this normal?
  4. TBandCW

    Pikaki from Natures Garden

    I just had to share my good news! After several ugly batches of Pikaki soap with a ton of waste I finally nailed it! I was about to give up, but in spite of itself it sells like hotcakes. I soaped at 77*(normally 85*), took out 16 oz for color swirl, added colors to batters and at last second...
  5. TBandCW

    Local sources for bentonite clay

    I'm so sick of being housebound by this flu I decided to make a ac face mask. Most recipes call for bentonite clay and I don't have any. Would Walmart carry it? Thx
  6. TBandCW

    EO's to quit smoking

    My son and his wife quit smoking using e-cigs and are now ready for the next step. The guy who came out to clean our vents/ducts had his daughter make toothpicks soaked in black pepper eo and it worked for him. I've been doing my research and have found lots of recipes. Has anyone here done...
  7. TBandCW

    Buying First Loaf Mold

    My usual soap in done in a slab mold with dividers which I love. I do have one high end soap that goes in a nice box, but I'm unhappy with the way the soap looks cut. So...I've done some research and I like the Nurture Soap 5lb premium mold...
  8. TBandCW

    Selling African Black Soap?

    At one of my shows I had two different people ask if I had African Black Soap. I looked into making some, even got the potash used to make it. Cart before the horse I guess as this morning I looked into how much it was selling for. Very disappointing. It sells pretty cheap and there is no...
  9. TBandCW

    Palm Oil vs. PKO

    At a show last weekend, I had a customer ask me if I used palm oil. She was concerned about the gorillas losing their habitat. I use PKO and I guess I did ok explaining the difference as she did buy soap from me. There are folks out there that read about how bad harvesting palm oil is. I...
  10. TBandCW

    What is this?

    I've made this soap many times and this is a first! White bumps that go throughout the soap. On the surface you can wipe it off and it is dry. I'm thinking it might be the lye.
  11. TBandCW

    Candle Shortcuts (not a good thing)

    At my shows I always have folks asking why the candle they bought at a store doesn't smell after awhile. In our research we have learned that some manufactures only add fo to the wax at the top of the candle to save $$. I explain to them that fo is the most expensive part of the candle. I...
  12. TBandCW

    Claims made by other vendors, cont.

    I was at an event next to someone selling scrubs. It's a nice product, but I got the giggles listening to his pitch. What caught my attention is when he was mentioning the bad stuff in lotions, parabens etc. He included glycerin in the same sentence as being very drying to the skin. Um...
  13. TBandCW

    Soft and Silky ewax

    Has anyone used both WSP soft and silky ewax and Natures Garden soft and silky ewax? If so, did they feel the same in your product? No difference?
  14. TBandCW

    Cook top Cleaner Worked!

    After trying numerous store bought cleaners, sponges etc., I looked online and found a simple recipe for cleaning your stove top. Tried it out and it worked great! One tablespoon each baking soda, salt, water, mix up, dip your rag (I used washcloth) and scrub, rinse, dry.
  15. TBandCW

    Geraniol Oil for Bug Spray

    Just wondering if anyone has used this. Supposedly it works as well as DEET but is natural. I'd never heard of this oil, read about it in a magazine.
  16. TBandCW

    Candle Science/Soap Science!

    I'm so excited to see Candle Science step into the soap supply biz! Limited items at the moment, but had a section for suggestions. Woo-Hoo!! They have a warehouse about an hr away in Reno that allows pick up, they'll be getting a lot of suggestions from me!!
  17. TBandCW

    Ya Never Know!

    Two weeks ago we did a two day craft fair at a church. Lots of great vendors, should've done very well. Barely broke even, don't know why folks didn't come out.......:confused: Yesterday we did a free event at a business in Reno. It was held in the employees dining area. This is something...
  18. TBandCW

    Sugar Scrub Cube/soap melting help!

    Any suggestions as to how to melt my cp soap to put in sugar scrub cubes? I only got about half of it to melt. I shredded it, melted it with my oil/butter combo. This was my first attempt and an utter failure. The recipe I followed was 1 part oil/butter 2 parts soap 3 parts sugar The...
  19. TBandCW

    Lots of emails for sales...

    Anyone else getting waaaay more emails from WSP, bulk apothocary, coastal scents, etc. with specials, sales and such?? :confused:
  20. TBandCW

    Body Oil Feedback

    Avocado oil was mentioned on the lye soap thread and I'm now thinking of subbing out grapeseed oil for avocado oil in my body oil line. I've heard grapeseed oil has a short shelf life and avocado oil is good for a year. It might step up my body oil too! Do you think this is a good...