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  1. regansoap

    My own melt and pour

    Blackdog ha ha ha now I've got a bona fide excuse to buy loads of chocolate eggs
  2. regansoap


    This is the recipe I used:- 35% oo 30% co 30%po 5% castor 5.8 lye 7.5 milk 7.5 water 3.7 salt Thank you everybody for replies
  3. regansoap


    Hello everyone just wondering if salt bars are supposed to be really crumbly after cure - mine have been curing for about 6 weeks and they are almost chalky - are they supposed to be like that? No fo or eo was added.
  4. regansoap

    My own melt and pour

    You wouldn't believe how many chocolate eggs I had to eat to get the boxes lol
  5. regansoap

    More homemade melt and pour

    Cute sheep
  6. regansoap

    My own melt and pour

    It smells of palma violet.
  7. regansoap

    My own melt and pour

    This is my melt and pour I'm pleased with it.
  8. regansoap

    Salt bar for a dog??

    My dog loves fox poo and believe me once you smell that you will never ever forget it
  9. regansoap

    The Geode pic didn't post.. trying again.

    Goodness me that is so beautiful - well done you must be pretty proud of that love the colours sort of mystic magical.
  10. regansoap

    Made some transparent MP from scratch

    I've asked a question and I haven't yet received.
  11. regansoap

    Made some transparent MP from scratch

    Funnily enough I have that book did you add all these things? 30.4 ounces Propylene Glycol 10.65 ounces Vegetable Glycerin 30.4 ounces 70% Sorbitol Solution 33.4 ounces Bio-Terge 804 14.58 ounces MPS Cocamidopropyl betaine Phase 3: When Temperature of Phase 2 Reaches 140 °F Add and Mix 21.25...
  12. regansoap

    Made some transparent MP from scratch

    How did you get it so perfectly clear I'm well jell.
  13. regansoap

    Made some transparent MP from scratch

    Hi topofmurrayhill firstly gorgeous m and p would you prepared to post your recipe please. Did you use mpg or denatured alcohol to get it as clear as that?
  14. regansoap

    In need of prayer

    That's wonderful news
  15. regansoap

    My first soap on a stick

    Ha ha it happens to everybody good early experience - one of the good people on here suggested I hot process it - which I did it came back together but the hp killed the FO and I was too inexperienced to do anything about it - all the fo's I possess trace in about 5 seconds flat - that is my...
  16. regansoap

    Sandalwood powder

    Why don't you make a sandlewood infusion with olive oil then you could perhaps use said oil as your superfat and maybe retain some of that wonderful scent in your soap.
  17. regansoap

    In need of prayer

    Pleased to hear he is progressing as well as can be expected.
  18. regansoap

    Veggie Lavender Essential Oil Soap

    It's beautiful and classy.
  19. regansoap

    Bathbomb recipe

    Thank you shunt, seawolf and lsg good advice.
  20. regansoap

    Bathbombs - massive

    Ooh taboo ill weight it now it measures 8cm what I meant 2as they are so akward the stainless steel round ones are a breeze compared. Taboo I also use wilton food dyes to gently colour nothing too mental delicate pink.