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    Amber Essential Oil?

    This may end up being a stupid question, but I'm going to ask it anyway. Had a customer yesterday tell me that she has a 'big bottle of amber essential oil, that cost $500' and she'd like to 'give' it to me, so that I can make salt scrubs and soap for her with it. I have never heard of amber...
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    Wholesaling Issues - need advice

    Hi all! I haven't bee around in awhile, but I really need some help with an account. Please let me know what you would do: I have a boutique account who is also a personal friend. She opened her shop about 1.5 years ago and I've been selling to her since she opened. She has stock of mine...
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    Latex Allergies and oils

    Does anyone have definitive proof that if a person has a latex allergy, then they are also allergic to avocado oil, shea butter, mango butter, castor oil, etc? I thought - at least in the case of shea butter that the proteins are NOT the same as the protein in latex gloves & balloons...
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    Medical Grade Lanolin - help me out here

    So, last night -for the first time - I heard the phrase "Medical Grade Lanolin". I've been in this business for awhile now and have never heard that before. Anyone know if this is a real thing or a marketing term? I've been rolling around the interwebz and can't find anything that...
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    Soap in drinking glasses

    I keep seeing these soaps... poured into drinking glasses. Some come looking like an exotic adult beverage, some have shower poufs on top. I've never done this, but I am wondering how they are used. Does the soap slide out if you turn it upside down? Do you have to pour water over it? Can...
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    Newbie LS ?

    Just started my foray into liquid soap this weekend. I am using Irish Lass' (I believe it's hers, please excuse me if I'm wrong) directions for the glycerin method - the one where you mix up the paste and let it sit overnight. I got that part. All is going great there. Second try at the paste...
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    Solid perfume.. will this work?

    So, a friend of mine has access to fresh beeswax and she just told me she's going to make a solid perfume out of this beeswax, hemp oil and essential oils. Then put it in some sort of container that you wear around your neck. I know nothing about perfume. Can you tell me if this will work? I...
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    Love's Baby Soft dupe

    Does anyone know of a Love's Baby Soft dupe that will work in CP? Yeah, gross, I know - but I have a customer request. I can't seem to find one on my own. TIA!!
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    Strange Wholesale Request

    I need advice from other wholesalers - I had a request from a woman here in town to become a wholesaler of my products that I am not sure how to handle. Normally, I wouldn't even consider this request, but this woman is a "celebrity" - Ellen deGenres paid for her to get ear implants, she wrote a...
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    Moroccan Oil Scent

    Does anyone know if there's a dupe for "Suave Morrocan Oil Infused Shampoo" out there? A friend asked if I can "infuse" a soap with this smell, lol. I've looked at the suppliers I normally use and haven't come up with anything and I really have no idea what it smells like. Please let me...
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    Does anyone remember who took over the Moonworks Collection? I'm trying to find their Celestial Sea, if it's still around. Thanks!
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    Selling price for whole "loaf"

    If you were going to sell a customer a whole loaf (cut bars) from a non-custom batch - what would you charge? Right now I ask $5.50 a bar - online and at events. How much, if any, discount do you give? She has the option of buying 10 or 20 bars at a whack.
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    Hello from Texas

    I've been skulking around long enough and signed up for the forum today. I'm Pam and I'm currently living in Texas. I'm a New England girl, born and bred, but have to be in the South for a bit longer. I've been experimenting with bath&body since 1991, off and on, and serious about it since...