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  1. Cal43

    Good behaving fragrances for wedding

    I looking for some good behaving fragrances to make some heart shaped soap. What are dome options? Also if there is a fragrance that yellows and clays are use to color that soap, what would happen to the color?
  2. Cal43

    Wedding 👰🏾‍♀️ Soaps ❤️🌺🌹

    I’ve being commissioned to make 80 heart shaped soaps for a wedding in may. Seeing that they will not be a full size bar, I want to know if 2.00 or 2.50 is a good price for each soap. I want to also put them in little bags. In addition, I want to make a rice soap, I just want something nice and...
  3. Cal43

    50 lb lye!

    I bought 50 lbs of lye for 72.00 , which included shipping. It come from California. But why did they need a semi fedex truck to bring it on a pallet. I think that was a little over the top. Anyway, I’m going to bag it into 4 lbs bags and place into a bucket.
  4. Cal43

    Stainless steel containers

    Hey y’all, I’ve heard that stainless steel container are not the best for mix soap batter in , Why is this so? Does it cause a reaction to the pot or soap?
  5. Cal43

    Greener Life program

    Does having the greener life program benefit if I don’t have a business. I just want the lye for the extra 20% off. How does it work?
  6. Cal43

    Why 30 to 33 lye concentration?

    Hello family! I wanted to know the reason for soaping with a 30 to 33 lye concentration? I just need to know why and when it should/could it be used. I know it depends on the recipe and designs etc. I just want to be a better informed soaper. Thank You Calditer
  7. Cal43

    I wanna play..

    I think it would be fun to make a kaleidoscope soap together. But the catch is ... everyone has to make their own kaleidoscope tool from scratch and then make the soap using the tool they crafted. What do you think? Does anyone wanna play?
  8. Cal43

    Best silicone liner available

    What’s the best silicone liner 4-5 lbs brand for sale that you would recommend?
  9. Cal43

    Lotion , body butter’s & bacteria

    I’m new at making lotion, still in the research stage. I’ve read that lotions must have preservatives in order to avoid bacteria growth. 1. Is there a natural preservative that I’m not seeing? 2. Would body butter grow bacteria seeing that it has no water? What type of body lotion can be made...
  10. Cal43

    Safe soap cutting tool

    A friend of mine will be assisting her 13 year old to learn the art of soap making. I want to get her the cutting tool. My options are a knife or a wavy /straight cutter. The knife is scary for me and I’m not sure if the wavy/ straight cutter is a good uption.
  11. Cal43

    100% coconut oil soap/100 coconut milk

    Can you share your tips and tricks for 100% coconut oil and milk cup soap. I’ve done it 100% coconut oil and water but I’ve read it tends to over heat because of the sugar content. Any other suggestions would be great. Obsidian gave me her tips in on this topic. So I just wanted to include...
  12. Cal43

    Guar gum

    I’m look for coconut milk to make soap. However all the coconut milk I find have guar gum. Can the milk still be used?
  13. Cal43

    Smooth and Silky looking 🧼

    What gives CP bars that smooth and silky look? I’ve seen some bars that looks soo smooth. They also have the look of a chocolate bar. I’ve tried a few recipes but that “look” not happening for me yet. Is it the higher amount of of liquid oil? Tell me your experiences and tips please.
  14. Cal43

    My weight ultra vs kd 8000

    I’m trying to decide between these scales. I want to up grade from the one I have. The lye melted the plastic. I see that the My weight is plastic also. Can any give me some advise?
  15. Cal43

    Master batch oils

    Is there a length of time master batched oils can sit? Should it be used within a certain time frame? TIA, Cal
  16. Cal43

    What a scare!!

    Found this bad boy in my barn house storage area on Friday. I glad I didn’t need to pee at the moment. This big boy sure scared me to peices.
  17. Cal43

    Well water

    What has been you experience with using well water for making soap? I’ve read that’s it’s not good to use. I’ve never used it but I often wonder what reactions are caused by using well water.
  18. Cal43

    Creative soap lining

    What are some ways you lined your wooden soap mold that worked?
  19. Cal43

    Soap supplies in Missouri/Arkansas

    Good afternoon, For those who live in Missouri or Arkansas , is there any place you can suggest for soaping oils, etc. locally? Im close to WestPlains, Spring Field , Popular Bluff Missouri or Pocahontas, zMountsin View, Arkansas .
  20. Cal43

    Dandelion soap

    In what ways can I use dandelion leaves and flowers to make soap?