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  1. andreabadgley

    introduction from Michigan

    Welcome, Vicki! I don't know about suppliers in the Michigan area, but I want to say that I know someone who gets a 7th Day Adventist catalog from somewhere in Michigan, and she can get base oils through them. Can't be sure that it's in Michigan, but you could at least Google that.
  2. andreabadgley

    Newest soap and a shot of the cb sugar cube scrubs

    Oh my goodness, those are so pretty and FUN!
  3. andreabadgley

    Wanted: YOUR Etsy products!

    great idea! I can't wait to go look you all up on Etsy! My Etsy shop is
  4. andreabadgley

    Question about smell...noob here.

    I would say let it cure a few weeks. In my experience, scents tend to mellow out and get just right after two or three weeks.
  5. andreabadgley


    Woohoo!!! Congratulations!
  6. andreabadgley

    On the curing rack..

    Oh my goodness, that is just GORGEOUS! It makes me want to eat it, like mint fudge. Absolutely stunning!
  7. andreabadgley

    Soap in high humidity weather

    Are you using a self-draining soap dish and keeping it out of the shower spray? I lived in hot and humid Florida for several years, and as long as I did those things the soap did fine. Turning on it's side helps too, so that not to much surface area is touching the dish. Hope that helps!
  8. andreabadgley

    My Frankensoap creation

    No ideas for you, but I love the soap!
  9. andreabadgley

    I baked an artisan bread

    How beautiful! We are eagerly awaiting the first snow in MN after moving up from FL. I'm not sure if my kids are going to make it til it snows, they are so excited.
  10. andreabadgley

    soaping in MN

    I'm making my first batch of soap in my Minnesota home today! I laughed when I had to practically chisel my coconut oil out of its bucket. I used to just pour it when we lived in Florida. So far, everything else is working out beautifully. I used brewed coffee in place of water for today's...
  11. andreabadgley

    Hello from the UK!

    If you're looking to make soap, this is definitely a great forum for you. I learned so much here when I was just starting out, and I continue to learn every day. Welcome!
  12. andreabadgley

    Lemon Bamboo Charcoal Swirl

    Gorgeous! Love the mold, too.
  13. andreabadgley


    Sending love and keeping him, and all military, in my thoughts and prayers
  14. andreabadgley

    red wine soap???

    I make a soap with red wine, and I've used anywhere from 15%-50% of the water content as wine. I don't do anything to the wine. I just mix it with the water, then add the lye. If you do it this way, take care to add your sodium hydroxide VERY slowly. The solution will heat up even quicker...
  15. andreabadgley

    questions regarding stearic and citric acid

    Emillee, I have had this same question - regarding both the books and the stearic/citric acids. I've tried a couple of lotion recipes, and both separated after a few weeks, so I need to find some good resources for lotion-making. Topcat and Carolyn, thanks for the leads on that. Now that...
  16. andreabadgley

    whats your best seller?

    1. cook's hand soap made with coffee and scented with orange and cinnamon 2. spiced milk & honey (cardamom, cinnamon, clove) 3. gardener's hand soap (lavender, rosemary, lemon)
  17. andreabadgley

    Hi again, everyone!

    Hi long lost friends! I am almost embarrassed to post again, it has been so long since I've logged on. We had a big year last year - my husband finished up graduate school in FL in October, and we have relocated to St. Paul, MN, where he landed a post-doctoral position at The U. of MN on the...
  18. andreabadgley

    for anyone interested in starting a home business

    Thank you so much for posting these links! I look forward to checking them out.
  19. andreabadgley

    Finally posting some pictures

    Those are beautiful! How do you insulate your CP soaps when you pour them in molds like that? Every time I've tried to use individual molds with CP they get super ashy. I always thought it was maybe because they didn't stay warm or something. I haven't been able to get it to work.
  20. andreabadgley

    Trying out some soap packaging...

    WOW! How are you able to sell your soaps for $5.00 with all that gorgeous packaging? Between boxes, labels, stickers, ribbons, and charms, PLUS the soap, I'm amazed that you can sell them at such a great price!