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  1. Rowan

    EU Trading standards approved scales

    I've been making soap and B&B for about 2 and a half years and giving them to family and friends for feedback. However more and more people are coming back to me wanting to buy my soap or asking me to do soaping parties etc, which I can't do, due to EU regulations. So I've been very slowly...
  2. Rowan

    Kids Bath Bomb Party

    It's my 6 year old daughters Birthday soon and she asked for a Frozen theme. We have to do the party on a budget at home, so I'm making most things. As well as the party games she'd like to make bath bombs and M&P soaps. I'm a little nervous as I've never made my own products for anyone other...
  3. Rowan

    Peppermint EO in foot cream/EU Regulations

    I'm making a foot cream using a recipe I've tried before and was thinking of adding peppermint and spearmint essential oils. I never add more than 1% EO in my recipe, but just wanted to find out what the EU maximum limit for these oils are? I really don't want to go over recommended amounts! My...
  4. Rowan

    I had the most amazing dream last night

    I dreamt that we had a big get together in England with soapmaking addicts from all over the world. There was lots of soapmaking, lots of food and plenty of wine. My only question is when are you all coming??? What other soapmaking, funny or odd dreams have others had? My all time...
  5. Rowan

    Trial Soap for friends Wedding

    My friend wants a vintage theme and asked for pink, green, purple. I tried a hanger swirl but it didn't quite work out. She also asked for a citrus scent using essential oils, hence the creamy lemon colour in the background. I have some work to do on the colours and hanger swirl, but it's just a...
  6. Rowan

    Sandalwood & Vanilla which accelerated!

    This didn't quite work! I was meant to have a lovely orange and cream swirl with orange embeds on a dark brown background but it accelerated on me so fast I just had to dump it in The mould. I love the scent though.
  7. Rowan

    New salt soap Inspired by Irish Lass's Recipe

    I used 25percent sea salt, 100percent coconut oil, coconut milk and a large superfat. I also added pink clay and some embeds I had to use up.
  8. Rowan

    Pink & Purple spoon Swirl cut a bit early!

    I couldn't resist cutting this much too early, so it's a bit rough on the edges, it was more like soft butter!!!
  9. Rowan

    A few New Soaps

    I've had a week of annual leave, the kids have been at school and I've had a few hours to play! I hope you enjoy looking at these soaps even a fraction of the amount I've enjoyed making them! The first is a spoon swirl inspired by Soaping 101 colours and because my son wanted his own blue and...
  10. Rowan

    UK Sodium Hydroxide issues

    I've recently had a problem with the caustic soda I've purchased from Boots and Robert Dyas. When I mix it with water, it turns cloudy but doesn't clear. There is also a gritty residue on the bottom of the container. They are both labelled as 98percent sodium hydroxide. I haven't used them...
  11. Rowan

    Wishing for Spring!

    Unfortunately the top is a bit too busy and there's not as much colour contrast between the pinks as I wanted. I also managed to drop the lid on the left side and dented the top! I can't wait to cut it though.
  12. Rowan

    Natural colourants trial for European Soap Swap

    I'm a little nervous as I haven't posted any photos of my soap before. This is a trial soap I've made for the European soap swap using natural colours. I used paprika and anetto infused oils as well as AC. The scent is a combination of grapefruit and lavender EO's. I'd love feedback, even if...