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  1. TBandCW

    Cannabis infused soap

    It's so weird to see billboards for cannabis shops!
  2. TBandCW

    Goat milk soap help please!!

    I use goats milk too and just mix up the milk very well to incorporate it evenly and use same amount as water. Lazy, but it works!
  3. TBandCW

    First craft fair

    I generally use 10 x the booth fee as the barometer to see if it's a good show or not. Sounds like a winner for the first time out!!
  4. TBandCW

    Candle making troubles

    Definitely don't go over the mfg suggested amt of fo!!
  5. TBandCW

    Nice To Be Back!

    Last show of the year was a couple of weeks ago and none till March 2018! Nice to have some down time to spend with the grandkids and sleep in with the hubby. Then on to making more product and eating cup-o-noodles till the $$ starts flowing again!
  6. TBandCW

    How were this years shows for everyone?

    We weeded out the bad craft fairs and farmers markets and only stuck with the good ones. We have also added beef jerky to the mix (weird, I know but we sell a ton of it) so that helps the bottom line. And we will be adding spices and sauces too. Every year we re-evaluate the biz and it looks...
  7. TBandCW

    First craft fair

    Good job!!! And the booth looks great! Square is awesome! Even out west there are way too many soap vendors at events. Bubble bath and bath bombs were good for biz this year. We have colored bags with our label on front and back and it does pay off big time. I've had people come to the...
  8. TBandCW

    How to get bath bombs not to rub off?

    So will witch hazel, but not if you spray lightly.
  9. TBandCW

    Bulk Soap Prices

    I'd suck it up and consider it a lesson learned. You want to be professional. After a year you can renegotiate, but make sure you bring in a wholesale list with every price, etc. I charge 3% if my wholesale accounts want to pay by credit card. Lo and behold, when I went to collect from one of...
  10. TBandCW

    Yikes! Household Hazardous Materials (HHM) permit?

    Don't panic! I'd suggest you write a letter explaining what you do, etc. and don't feel this applies to you. Keep a copy and send return receipt request. Put the ball in their court. I've had govt letters from Calif, asking for this and that and I know they don't apply to me as I live in...
  11. TBandCW

    Scent trends

    Depends on the product too! I sell a ton of OMH bath and body products, but had to discontinue the OMH candle due to lack of sales.
  12. TBandCW

    Nag Champa FO

    This thread hits home for me! Even though Nag Champa is popular my husband refuses to sell it, he can't stand it.
  13. TBandCW

    Candle making troubles

    I'd gently wipe the oil droplets out with a paper towel if you don't like the way it looks. Once the candle starts burning it won't make any difference anyway. I wouldn't decrease the fo amt as scent is the reason we buy candles.
  14. TBandCW

    How to get bath bombs not to rub off?

    Nothing is wrong with your bath bombs, just spray them very lightly (or warts will appear) with water, witch hazel or alcohol. Should reduce or solve your problem.
  15. TBandCW

    I think I'm done

    We've been doing farmers markets and craft fairs for 5 yrs now and make a decent living at it. We eliminate the bad ones and move on. We also eliminate the products that don't sell well and add new ones, I do bring my lotions and oils, just don't put them out on the table. Table real estate...
  16. TBandCW

    Temperature Question

    I soap at 85-90 degrees so I have time to do my swirls. Even then, depending on the fo, it can trace fast!
  17. TBandCW

    How many items to start?

    I make it a point to say hi to everyone who walks by.
  18. TBandCW

    So I received this certified letter in the mail yesterday...

    Yes, please keep us posted. I'm no lawyer, but I've used my Legal Shield membership a few times. Money well spent! I was going to suggest it till you mentioned you're a lawyer! Note: There is a local band here named All Hat No Cattle!
  19. TBandCW

    Moon Cake Bath Goodies