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  1. ngian

    Recipe calculation by hand (Dual Alkali with vinegar)

    Hello everyone On my latest soap that I made I wanted to use new methods in order to make it and that involves making all the calculations with a pencil and a paper, making a dual alkali soap, and using a full water replacement with vinegar. A while ago topofmurrayhill has posted the "manual"...
  2. ngian

    Thickening of Cold Process Liquid Glycerin Soap

    Well the famous liquid glycerin soap that Susie and Irishlass have initiated us into, is already known to be a great product that a handmade soaper can make. The thickening of it can be controled by adjusting the amount of water that is used for the paste's dilution but again you can't make a...
  3. ngian

    The lye concentration experiment

    Hello everyone, this is just another soapy observation upon the different water amount that can be used in a recipe and its consequences. I know this is nothing new and everyone more or less have seen how water affects soap all the way to its production. Kevin Dunn has also made various...
  4. ngian

    Dual Alkali Soaps (NaOH & KOH)

    Hello everyone. After reading some posts over the forum: Castile 95%NaOH 5%KOH calculations help Cold Processed - Combination of NaOh and KOH I had also made a small experimental batch. The two recipes where: Olive pomace: (95%) Coconut: (5%) with EDTA 0.5% and paprika infused in Olive...
  5. ngian

    Soaping Seminars

    I'm happy to announce you that these days my first seminars about cold process NaOH bar and Glycerine Liquid KOH soap were completed. I was the lecturer and I enjoyed it very much as I had time to talk about soap and make soap more often (twice a week) :) I really enjoy the soap lecturing as...
  6. ngian

    Jojoba vs Cetyl Alcohol in a CP soap

    Well my last experiment was about jojoba wax oil and cetyl alcohol, after watching the interesting video with Kevin Dunn where after 34:00 he is talking about an ingredient that can replace jojoba in a CP...
  7. ngian

    Measuring alkali's purity

    Hello, I saw a few days ago a very interesting video that Kevin Dunn shows how someone can measure the purity of NaOH. You can watch this video here: I might try it sometime but I have a few questions: 1) Has anyone done...
  8. ngian

    EDTA vs Sodium Citrate

    Well another experiment took place a week ago, and made three bars with the following recipe: Olive oil: 30% Lard: 30% Coconut oil: 25 Canola 15% Lye Discount: 2% Lye Concentration: Control: 35% EDTA & SC: 33% where the amount of EDTA is at 0,5% of oils and SC at 4% of oils. I had an...
  9. ngian

    Additives test: Tussah Silk & Aloe Vera Gel

    Additives test: Tussah Silk & Aloe Vera Gel My next to do experiments were the use of tussah silk fibers and Aloe vera Gel as additives in a specific oil recipe that I had available: Palm: 40% Coconut: 25% Olive Oil: 20% Canola Oil: 15% a total of 3 x 500gr soaps with 2% superfat and...
  10. ngian

    Best Soap Books

    After having read all the lectures of Kevin Dunn and read some of the chapters of his book, I finally got the whole book that I think every CP soaper must have. After the great information this forum shares, this book is the Bible for cold process soaps and helps a lot as a reference to various...
  11. ngian

    My new air-cooled curing rack

    Lately in my basement I installed an air-cooled system with PC-fans in order to work every 1 hour with the help of a time-based switch. I guess this will prevent the soaps from sweating. I have already ordered two more 12cm pc fans as I will install a few metal racks on top of the existing ones.
  12. ngian

    Coconut vs Palm Kernel oil

    Another experiment took place last weekend, and that is between the two "lauricomyristic" oils of CO vs PKO. Lye Concentration: 33% Suprefat: 2% Lard: 60% CO / PKO: 30% Canola Oil: 10% with little salt, sugar, sodium citrate, lemon lime FO (it accelerated trace!) and a few drops of...
  13. ngian

    How to identify KOH and NaOH

    Hello everyone, I read a very interesting question from a soaper in a Greek fb group, where she has a bag with a base and she doesn't know if it is KOH or NaOH as the info-sticker outside the bag is not present . So in my google search for the answer to this problem, I found a very...
  14. ngian

    Single Oil test by Soap Queen

    So another single oil test was made this time by Soap Queen. What I found interesting is that Castor Oil in the experiment did lather well while other similar tests from other soapers...
  15. ngian

    Were do your soap trimmings and small & old soaps go?

    Some of you might already know but I wanted to show you what I'm going to be doing from this time on with the soap leftovers that we cannot use them easily because of their shape (very thin) and with any trimmings of soap gathered during cutting or beveling of a soap bar. All these will now be...
  16. ngian

    Let's see how some commercial soap bars are made.

    Let's take an educational brake from our handmade procedures of soapmaking... What I like is the milling procedure (is this taking place for water evaporation?) and the big pressure to the final shape that both maybe give to the final bar hardness...
  17. ngian

    Palmitoleic acid (16:1) - Does it bring anything to a soap's behavior?

    I searched on Google and here on SMF about the palmitoleic acid and what can give to a soap when (and if) it turns to a sodium salt but with no luck. Here on SMF I only found that the egg yolk has some amount of this acid. After some soaper's opinion here about avocado oil in my experiment that...
  18. ngian

    Goat Milk soap

    Well this was my last soap for 2015 made a few days ago. I had only made one more time a milk soap when I first started soaping 1 year ago. It was used in a Castile soap as the remaining liquid of the 50% lye solution for a 33% lye concentration. I haven't used the bars much as I really don't...
  19. ngian

    Soaping Santa came to town...

    A week earlier than it was expected, Santa visited me from China (eBay), and I feel like a child these days... Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to everyone! :)
  20. ngian

    Why salt hardens (CP) soaps?

    I have being trying to read and understand why salt is giving the hardness property in a CP soap but I came up with some information about Electrolytes, and Micelle Formations... words that needs a bit more deeper reading. If DeeAnna or anyone else can describe and explain in plain words the...