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  1. georgiastray

    First soap ever!

    Lookin' good! :clap:
  2. georgiastray

    Almond Milk? Tofu?

    I've been wondering about using Almond Milk as well. Maybe someone has tried it and will post their results soon. :)
  3. georgiastray

    Super Creamy Soap!

    This sounds sooooo good!
  4. georgiastray

    Crayons for color

    Love the way your soaps turned out!
  5. georgiastray

    My CP soap - picture is worth thousand words ...

    Wow, now that is some beautiful soap! I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out.
  6. georgiastray

    Food colour made a beautiful purple!

    ROTFL! Haven't heard that 'd' word since I left Georgia!
  7. georgiastray

    A Couple Pics, Nothing Special...

    Wow, donnie...all I can say is, "I'm impressed!" :D
  8. georgiastray

    Paper for cigar band labels

    That's a good idea, Dixie! Thanks for the post - I am going to get a crimper. :D Rhonda
  9. georgiastray

    Making up lye water ahead of time and storing?

    Pre-mixing your lye solution is VERY time saving and so convenient! I do a 50/50 mixture for the same reason that Chrissy stated. :)
  10. georgiastray

    trois legume (three layered soap)

    Wow! Very pretty! Another technique I've got to try. :D
  11. georgiastray

    Let's play "name the soap"...

    Oh my! :shock: Those soaps are absolutely gorgeous! Just beautiful!
  12. georgiastray

    Facial soap recommendation?

    I use bentonite clay in my Charcoal/Clay soaps. I swirl them black & white, with the bentonite clay in the white part of the swirl, of course. I love the Charcoal/Clay soap as a facial soap and so do my customers.
  13. georgiastray

    photos of first soap batch!

    Congratulations on your first batch! They look really good. You're addicted now! :wink:
  14. georgiastray

    My first "real" soaps

    Your soaps turned out great! I think your swirl looks really cool, by the way. Great job!
  15. georgiastray

    love contact paper in log mold

    What a great idea! I never even thought of this, and I have some laying around in my hall closet. That's why I love this board, you guys are sooooo full of fresh ideas! Thanks!
  16. georgiastray

    sale on scent has 40% off all FO's thru St Patrick's Day. Has anyone here used any of their FO's? If so, please post feedback. Thanks!
  17. georgiastray

    Building a beveler

    I would love to have a beveler for my soaps, but have put off buying one because of the price. Look forward to seeing pictures of yours and maybe "how to" instructions as well. :D
  18. georgiastray

    Buttermilk Soap - Pictures Added

    I think they're awesome - I love them! Great job!
  19. georgiastray

    Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax

    Thanks for the reply and feedback. What size jars/containers did you use, and what was your pour temperature? Thanks so much!
  20. georgiastray

    Very happy with swirl

    Wow, that is some awesome looking soap - love the way it turned out!