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  1. Kamahido

    Oil Cavities

    I'm seeing these oil cavities online more and more lately. Is there a more technical term for them other the Oil Cavities? And what is causing them? Localized separation, internal heat/pressure, or something different entirely...
  2. Kamahido

    Essential Natural Oils

    Has anyone purchased from this essential oil vendor before? Their prices look pretty good for what I need, but I've never heard of them.
  3. Kamahido

    Cold Process and Aluminum Pot...

    Someone in another forum recently asked an interesting question. He used an aluminum pot to make Cold Process soap. The problem now is the vessel is now discolored and he's in a small village in South America where you can't just run to the store to buy a new pot. His question was, is the pot...
  4. Kamahido


    I was wondering if anyone had ever ordered anything from before. Good products? Bad products? Anything you can tell me would be helpful.
  5. Kamahido

    Sodium Hydroxide Shipping

    I buy Sodium Hydroxide 50 pounds at a time from Bulk Apothecary. Have for quite some time. Costs $18.05 for shipping. Went to buy another bucket and the shipping price is now $72.31! Anyone else seen such a spike or is it just Bulk Apothecary?
  6. Kamahido

    Sea Salt Crystal Hairs?

    A soaper on another site posted an interesting photo of their Sea Salt Soap which appears to have crystallized hairs on it for some reason! Has anyone else experienced this and/or can explain it?!
  7. Kamahido

    Containers with Lids

    Anyone use something like this for jelly? Looking for a supplier to compare prices. Edited to add that the container is 4 ounces.
  8. Kamahido

    Can Anyone Identify This?

    Someone on another forum was wondering about what brand/manufacturer this bar of soap could be from. There is no packaging other than the shrink wrap shown.
  9. Kamahido

    Fragrance Supplier in Norway

    Anyone know of a supplier in Norway?
  10. Kamahido

    Is this... safe?

    I was perusing the internet and ran across this Etsy listing... Is it possible...
  11. Kamahido

    Lye and Oil

    Someone on another forum just asked a very good question. We all know that the sodium hydroxide must be dispersed in a liquid of some kind like water, coffee, beer, etc. Their question was, why can't an oil be used, as it is indeed a liquid? I am at a loss on how to scientifically explain this...
  12. Kamahido

    Odd Liquid Soap Process

    In my daily readings around the Internet regarding all things soap related, I came across a liquid soap making tutorial someone mentioned. Reading through it, step 7 gave me pause. It was in regards to intentionally making a lye...
  13. Kamahido


    For those of you who enjoy Amino, there are two groups. "Soap Making" and "Soap Crafting". Just wanted to throw it out there.
  14. Kamahido

    Beer Fragrance Oil

    I was wondering what everyone's current favorite beer fragrace oils were
  15. Kamahido

    Need a totally RANCID Fragrance Oil scent

    Need a Fragrance Oil that smells awful. Was thinking along the lines of fart or body odor. Yes, this is a serious request.
  16. Kamahido

    Myrrh Essential Oil (India)

    Anyone have a good source for Myrrh Essential oil (country of origin: India)? Bulk Apothecary has been out for a while now.
  17. Kamahido

    Explain This to Me...

    Found this on Etsy. How can this be produced so cheaply?! :confused::confused::confused:
  18. Kamahido

    Frankincense Essential Oil

    The other day I started a thread about the above essential oil. Upon reading the responses it seems I may not have worded the question correctly. So I wanted to clarify... Has anyone ever used Frankincense Essential Oil in their soap?
  19. Kamahido

    Frankincense and Myrrh

    Has anyone ever used Frankincense and/or Myrrh Essential Oil in their bar soap? Was wondering how well the scent held up against the lye monster. Christmas is coming and it would be nice to give these away after our Christmas cantata.
  20. Kamahido


    Today I made my 300th batch of soap! :-D