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  1. plantiest

    my first goat's milk, honey, oatmeal batch

    This batch turned out absolutely textbook perfect! Froze the goat's milk. Added the honey to the coconut oil that was warmed to melt it. Added oatmeal to the oils before combining with the goat's milk/lye solution. I'll be making many, many more batches of this soap!
  2. plantiest

    My first batch in years was a success! (So far anyways)

    This is my first batch in several years. Just like riding a bike! I'll watch its progress over the next couple of days, and of course have to wait for the real results until it has cured fully. The red embeds are just some wool roving I tucked into a few bars to see how it behaved.
  3. plantiest

    Who here makes soaps fragrance-free, essential-oil free exclusively?

    I'm just getting back into soap making. I will be making exclusively no added fragrance or essential oil soaps. Just wondering if there are others like me?
  4. plantiest

    Hello from Michigan!

    Just a quick moment to introduce myself. I dabbled in soap making in the past (about 7 years ago), but put it all up while the kids were little. I'm dusting off my soap making equipment to get back into it next month. I'm a huge fan of learning any skill that allows me to making things for...