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  1. regansoap


    Hello everyone just wondering if salt bars are supposed to be really crumbly after cure - mine have been curing for about 6 weeks and they are almost chalky - are they supposed to be like that? No fo or eo was added.
  2. regansoap

    More homemade melt and pour

    Cute sheep
  3. regansoap

    My own melt and pour

    This is my melt and pour I'm pleased with it.
  4. regansoap

    Bathbombs - massive

    Here are my bathbombs those Christmas tree plastic clip together moulds are a nightmare!!! Massive bathbomb One of my dogs and beautiful rainbow
  5. regansoap

    Bathbomb recipe

    Hello everyone. Could anyone tell me how long bath bombs stay fresh I suppose I mean keep their fragrance and colour. My daughters friend wants 32 for a baby shower, I am absolutely s****** myself,10 is the most I have every made and the kitchen really needed industrial cleaners to clean up the...
  6. regansoap

    Homemade melt and pour soap eggs

    Hi again here are my very plain soap eggs - I made the melt and pour myself and completely left out the glycerin and there is no sweating (so far) the m&p with glycerin added is sweating like ****.
  7. regansoap

    Homemade melt and pour

    Look at the m&p I made this morning !!! I'm thrilled Ok I'm replying to my own post. Not so thrilled you deforestation need all three solvents to make a re - melt able melt and pour.
  8. regansoap

    Homemade melt and pour

    Do any of you brainiacs know if it is necessary to add all three solvents when making m and p???? Thank you
  9. regansoap

    Foaming bath whip without slsa?

    Is it possible to make foaming bath whip without using slsa? Many thanks.
  10. regansoap

    Hello everybody

    Please could somebody tell me what the difference is between slsa and sles??? It's difficult to finder the former in the UK amazon is selling 800grms for £36 which seems really expensive whereas sles seems cheaper
  11. regansoap

    Solstice soap

    Hi everybody made brine soap yesterday - already it's as hard as rock - just tried a bit but little to no lather - does the lather come as it cures or have I balls it up???? Tia
  12. regansoap

    Witch hazel

    Hi everybody could anybody tell me what witch hazel brings to the game - is it just to moisten your bath bombs so you can mould them better - I only ask this because I am a novice bath bomb maker I made some this afternoon tried to be clever and mixed everything with just coconut oil and fo for...
  13. regansoap

    Discoloured soap

    Hi everybody just wondered if anybody could shed any light on what's happening here? As you can see this is hp soap made about 5 months ago the colour on the edge is gone yucky if I cut it it is lighter any ideas??? TYIA Sorry me again would shrink wrapping help
  14. regansoap

    Using sugar frosting soap in bath

    I have been wondering if it is good or safe to use those fancy cupcake soaps with what is ostensibly icing sugar on top!!! I have watched loads of videos even the goddess soap queen has one. Surely it is not good to sit in a bath using sugar which cough cough will be going on your lady bits...
  15. regansoap

    Complete Failure

    Just wanted to share made some bath bombs melted the co and cocoa butter poured into bicarbonate soda Epsom salts etc forgot the melted oil was hot and it cooked the cornflower epic fail
  16. regansoap

    100% coconut soap

    Hi everybody I was just wondering how long 100% coconut takes to cure I only made is a few hours ago and already it's rock hard.
  17. regansoap

    First ever bath bomb

    Hi guys look at my bath bomb super happy came out lovely and they smell of vanilla have milk powder and coconut oil - I tied in Bath nice skin felt soft but I prefer bubbles. No idea why they are upside down - apologies
  18. regansoap

    Aramis dupe

    Hi everybody it's literally blowing a gale in uk!!! Just wondered if anybody has a fragrance list of what's in "aramis" an approximation would be fine -the smell just sends me even after all these years.
  19. regansoap

    My little well massive actually soap collection

    Hi everybody thought you might like to see some of my soaps the melt and pour is my own made in Feb when I first began this soaping malarkey the rest are hp have tried cp but all the fo's I have set up before I can even get them into the moulds and that is without even using the stick blender...
  20. regansoap

    Relaxing after soapmaking

    Hi everybody had a lovely day making soap - photos to follow - thought you n Might like to see my little dog Georgie waiting on bench for his lead to be put on.