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  1. catandravendesigns

    Some of our soaps!

    Hey all! Excited to show you all some of our creations. My business partner and I have such a blast making these. ❤️ We make soap for our business (along with bath bombs, bubble bars, lip balms, and lip scrubs!). We also film a lot of our process and put it on our YouTube channel. Really...
  2. catandravendesigns

    DIY soaping supplies?

    I was just curious how many of you DIY your soaping supplies? I’m a thrifty gal by nature so I’ve built all our slab molds, our loaf splitter, and our bar cutter from scratch. I’d love to see what other folks have built for themselves! And an open opportunity to brag about how much money you...
  3. catandravendesigns

    Hey there soapers!

    Our business is run by myself and my best friend and business partner. We make cold process soap, sell on Etsy, and film for YouTube. I wanted to sign up to be able to check out the works of other soapers, pick up tips and tricks, and have a good time with folks who don’t panic when I say I do...