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  1. maya

    Can a few of you help me please?

    Please, go to my website and poke around. Put stuff in your cart. Look for spelling errors, and report back? I'll love you FOREVER! TY!
  2. maya

    Video of how my airstream is coming along!
  3. maya

    Wanna see the Airstream I just brought home (2500 miles) to turn into a mobil

    e soap and herbal shop? BECAUSE SHE IS HOME!
  4. maya

    Halloween soaps!

    These are my soaps celebrating Halloween! Yes, I realize *now* that they are much like Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) skulls, they are in honor of the coming season.
  5. maya

    Redo-ing my booth!

    I am redoing my booth, with all co-ordinating colors, including painting the displays and new table cloths! I just printed out and cut out the downloadable letter,s another poster linked to, with a beautiful blue paper. I'll post pics when I can. I AM SO EXCITED! Also, I forgot how long and how...
  6. maya

    Please take a look at my updated Pinterest page and tell me what you think. I read several articles about Pinterest and still have a couple of tweeks to do, buy over all what do you think? Thank you so much!
  7. maya

    DIY website (with cart or without) suggestions PLEASE.

    I am working away on a WIX website, I am not so far in that I will have wasted a huge amount of time if I changed to a different site now. Do any of you have suggestions? I already have my domain but I would like a website, too.
  8. maya

    I am in a magazine! I am so happy with this! I do believe I am going to purchase about a 100 copies and mail them out!
  9. maya

    The raven and the crow.

    We'll see if this works... YAY! K, It's a crappy photo, the main part is white and the embeds are black. Fragrance is patch. Really aged beautiful patch.
  10. maya

    wooo and positive thoughts and prayers for our member krissy

    she and her husband could use some thoughts or prayers right now. i thought we could have a thread to express that.
  11. maya

    freebie for etsians via

    go! now! free cards via a total of 150 cards (two different kinds) i have these and they are great. you only pay shipping.
  12. maya

    i've never shared soap pics on a forum before, about time.

    patients with the uploading pictures please. Uploaded with By mayamade at 2011-11-26