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    Bio-terge 804 substitute

    Hi, I'm still trying to make M&P from scratch, I bought the book and the formula she recommends uses BioTerge 804 but it will be hard to find in Australia, does anyone know what I can use instead?
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    Palm Oil

    I know palm oil is the bomb for soap, but can't we do without? Even when you make sure you source the stuff that doesn't kill the tigers and orang-utans, many suppliers are mislabelling RSPO or are unaware of parts of the supply chain that are not secure. And, using palm oil at all only supports...
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    melt and pour from scratch

    Curious to know if there's many others making their own M&P from scratch, I've had a go, it worked but could have been better (cloudy, sweaty, didn't pour like the bought stuff, formed a skin very quickly) I've bought the book that everyone all over the internet recommends, its in transit. Why...
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    Hot process meltable base sweat problem

    Hi, I've been trying out some meltable base formulas, but every one I've made sweats badly, literally dissolves itself in absorbed water. I live in a hot humid tropical climate which doesn't help (however indoors is usually cool and dehumidified) I started with a hot process coconut/olive oil...