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  1. georgiastray

    Soap Calc (Lye Calculator) Observation

    Has anyone else ever noticed that you can run the exact recipe thru soap calc at different times and get soap quality numbers that are 1%-2% off each time? I don't understand. :?: :!:
  2. georgiastray

    Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax

    I've been reading about this wax a lot recently, and read several great reviews on a supplier's site. Just wondering if anyone on here uses this wax and could give me your opinion/comments on it. Thanks.
  3. georgiastray

    Fragrance and CPOP

    Question: Is it recommended that I use the normal amount of fragrance when making CPOP, or can I reduce the fragrance amount, as in HP, since I'm using the oven for a bit? Thanks for any help/suggestions. :) Rhonda
  4. georgiastray

    Premix Lye Solution Question

    Okay, I have been searching for 45 minutes on the forum, and I am ready to pull my hair out! :x I remeber reading a post/topic about premixing a 50% lye solution to have on hand in order to save time...BUT...I can't remember (and now can't find on here) the correct formula to dilute it to use...
  5. georgiastray

    Another Salt Bar Question

    I'm still fighting with the search function, tried to find the answer to the question I'm gonna ask, but no luck. I apologize if it's a question someone else already asked, but... when making salt bars, do I need to reduce the amount of oils I use in my recipe? I'm assuming the salt adds to the...
  6. georgiastray

    'Search' Function

    :x Arrgghhh!!! Does anyone else have as much trouble with searching for prior posts, topics, etc as I do? I've never had this much trouble on any other forum/board trying to find info from prior posts. I keep getting "no results" and I KNOW I just read about the topic within the last few days...
  7. georgiastray

    Superfat / Lye Discount

    From what I've read and understand, this accomplishes the same thing, right? Whether I superfat by 5% or discount the lye by 5%, is the result the same? If so, then why did a recipe I come across recently say to 'discount the lye INSTEAD of superfatting'? Am I confused on this? Thanks in...
  8. georgiastray

    New from Ohio

    Hi everyone. I've been lurking for about 3 weeks, so I decided to go ahead and jump in. I'm a beginner soapmaker (CP), and I love all the info that is posted here. Everyone seems so friendly and willing to help. Thanks for the opportunity to join!