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  1. Kosmerta

    The word association game

  2. Kosmerta

    Is it impolite to apply to a farmer's market that already has a soap seller?

    Where I live we have a small historic farmers market that offers 30 vendor spots. I've been keeping an eye on it for the last year and a half and for the first time since I've started making soap, they are now accepting applications for 4 spots that have opened up this year. I checked the...
  3. Kosmerta

    The word association game

  4. Kosmerta

    The word association game

  5. Kosmerta

    Do you provide shopping bags?

    My first Craft Fair is in 5 weeks, it's a one day event and I am very excited. For those who sell at Craft Fairs regularly, do you provide shopping bags for your customers? If so where do you find them. I have been looking to bulk order some small ones, but the Google search results I keep...
  6. Kosmerta

    Girl Scout Cookies!

    I'm just patiently waiting for mine. They arrived at the FedEx location 3 towns over 2 days ago, but weather in my area has delayed deliveries T.T
  7. Kosmerta

    Potato soap update

    Potato soap, I would have never thought of this. I'm glad this old thread was bumped I want to try this now!
  8. Kosmerta

    The word association game

  9. Kosmerta

    Would you use a website dedicated to cataloguing fragrance dupes?

    I was looking at Crafter's Choice Angel type FO yesterday and I was reading the reviews trying to figure out how close it smells to the perfume. One in particular stuck out to me, the review wrote "I've tried a bunch of Angel dupes and this one by far smells the closest to the real thing!" And...
  10. Kosmerta

    Looking for cupcake molds

    These are the ones I use, I bought 2 packs
  11. Kosmerta

    Don't make epsom salt bars

    Thanks, my bad. I fixed the typo
  12. Kosmerta

    Don't make epsom salt bars

    I'm making this thread for anyone who wonders what I just did and comes here to search for it, no epsom salt cannot be used to make epsom salt soap bars XD I'm making soap and currently out of sodium lactate. I've heard salt in lye water can help soap harden faster, but I also am out of table...
  13. Kosmerta

    Can cp soap be stored in the fridge while curing?

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I've decided I will take them out of the fridge to cure while I am gone. I don't want to slow the saponification process and it sounds like the cold would slow that down more than humidity will. Thanks! My soapy cupcakes :)
  14. Kosmerta

    Can cp soap be stored in the fridge while curing?

    I searched for this topic and found this thread from 2016 Storing or curing CP soap in the fridge No one who commented on the thread had ever tried storing soap in the fridge to cure, but they offered alternatives to combate humidity. I just made a large batch of soap cupcakes which I...
  15. Kosmerta

    NG Dreamsickle moves incredibly slow

    FO appreciation post! I'm in the middle of soaping right now, I'm trying to make soap cupcakes and the portion of my batter i sectioned off 70 minutes ago for frosting is still at a medium trace. I used 5% NG Dreamsickle FO at medium trace and my batter turned back into thin liquid. Not the best...
  16. Kosmerta

    Can you use Mica powder to temporarily color hair? how to apply it?

    Hair chalks work by wetting a strand of hair then rubbing on the chalk. Mica might work if you wet strands then use a Brush like BattleGnome suggested to cover the wet strand
  17. Kosmerta

    SAP for Vitamin e-oil?

    I was making soap 2 days ago and accidentally useded vitamin e oil to mix with my micas. I meant to add sweet almond, but the bottles looked similar and I didn't realize the vitamin e-oil was even in my soap room. After adding 2 TBS I realized my "sweet almond" oil was much thicker than usual...
  18. Kosmerta

    How quickly did you start

    I bought the first box of melt and pour I ever saw at Michael's and loved it. Put down the hobby for a few years until I saw Safia Nygaard's video where she made a kit from Brambleberry. I watched a dozen BB YouTube vids and ordered a kit within a few days. I've been hooked since
  19. Kosmerta

    The word association game

  20. Kosmerta

    FS: Getting out. Letting it all go CHEAP

    OH! Thank you, I was looking at the wrong area. In that case I am interested in seeing FOs and colorants :)