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  1. ResolvableOwl

    Talk to me about alternatives to EOs in soap (hydrosols, oil infusions, glycerin extracts)

    Unpopular opinion: Why not leave the soap unscented altogether? If you don't want to totally abstain from smell, you still can let unrefined cocoa butter, red palm oil, poppy seed oil, laurel, or neem do their magic.
  2. ResolvableOwl

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    “Darling, what's for dinner tonight?” “Idk, whatever is inside the ‘??’ box, maybe it's edible?” “😒”
  3. ResolvableOwl

    SMF May 2021 Challenge - One Pot Wonder

    No. He puts it back into the mould 🤣. On a serious note, after cutting, the regular cure starts (water evaporation). Late gelling becomes increasingly difficult when less water is available. So it might well be that you get gel inside, but not at the edges (kind of partial gel, but not due to...
  4. ResolvableOwl

    ☿️ This year's evening visibility of Mercury

    These days, a rare guest in temperate latitudes is visible on the evening sky (northern hemisphere). Just above the northwestern horizon, planet Mercury has its last evening visibility of this year. Next week it's best to view; on the 13th, the crescent moon will visit this timid guest of our...
  5. ResolvableOwl

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Planed my CX:1 soap samples into shape, and was once more surprised how transparent the abyssinia soap has turned: I've had M&P soaps that were more opaque than that. So happy that the first year of curing is generously more than 2% elapsed already, soon it's testing time! 🤣 😞
  6. ResolvableOwl

    Advice needed with 3D printing soap stamps

    I'm not a 3D printer owner myself, but a friend has one and is glad about every opportunity to use it 😀. For some project, I sent him a greyscale bitmap, and he printed it as a 3D relief. Yes, 3D printers “speak” STL, but most driver software offers translation of bitmaps into STL, like...
  7. ResolvableOwl

    Colorants you can grow (or that grow in your country)

    I wonder if the vat effect would work with soap too, like a blue “rind” that you wash off and that forms again. I've once made a camembert cheese with a bit of soluble indigo (E132) added to the curds, the cheese loaf folded into a used camembert wrapping paper (inoculation). A week or so...
  8. ResolvableOwl

    Colorants you can grow (or that grow in your country)

    I'm ever so shortly to fall into that indigo rabbit hole, lol. I found a shop that sells indigo in form of various indigo plant qualities, woad, and Persicaria tinctoria. And a recipe for vat dyeing with simple fructose (fruit sugar) as a reducing agent. It's fun to have that pale yellow...
  9. ResolvableOwl

    White spots

    What? Of course you can still add it to your soap! It's liquid soap, just dissolve KOH and Na₂EDTA in a small amount of water and stir it into the soap. Or, in case you have made a stiff soap paste (concentrate), make a solution and add a small amount of it to your laundry each time.
  10. ResolvableOwl

    White spots Na₂EDTA is slightly acidic (two of its tetra (four) acetic sites have sodium, two are still acidic). Assuming it's the dihydrate, it has a molar mass of M=372.24 g/mol, so each gram of Na₂EDTA contains 5.4 mmol acid. To convert 1 g of (acidic) Na₂EDTA to...
  11. ResolvableOwl

    Math Question

    It isn't as if the US hadn't hosed million-$ interplanetary space missions due to mixing up customary and metric units.
  12. ResolvableOwl

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Only just, I have updated my personal stock and recipe inventory, first time including quantities. Since last october, I'm making soap at a quite constant rate of 20 g/day (oil input). This is highly unsustainable! In another, no less tedious self-monitoring experiment, I found that I'm using...
  13. ResolvableOwl

    Conceptual Soap Opera

    Oleic/Exotic MUFA chain length comparison – Japan Castile series (age 7 days) Oleic acid is not the only mono-unsaturated fatty acid, but little anecdotal reports circulate about the others. Not too surprising, since they are really rare (<1%) in most oils that are accessible to soapmaking...
  14. ResolvableOwl

    My PKO gained self-consciousness (?)

    The other day, I melted up palm kernel oil to cast it into chocolate bar moulds for easier dosage (and for fun!). The melt was water-clear and slightly yellowish when I poured it into the silicone moulds, placed outside (~10°C) to solidify. I wouldn't be surprised when the surface wouldn't come...
  15. ResolvableOwl

    “Stainless” steel

    Thank you all. I know how to remove it, but I have concerns that it reappears (damaged surface). There are several grades of stainless steel, water-proof, salt-proof, acid-proof etc., and I suspect this is one of the lower grades. I was just disappointed to see this happen to a device from a...
  16. ResolvableOwl

    Little timy bumps in soap.

    Do you properly burp your stick blender? (stick into the batter at an inclined angle and shake to release air bubbles, before starting blending)
  17. ResolvableOwl

    The eternal struggle of soaping

    Oh noes! Le soap memes have arrived!
  18. ResolvableOwl

    “Stainless” steel

    😒 I don't need rust. Not in my hummus, not in my pumpkin soup, not in my soap.
  19. ResolvableOwl

    Math Question

    :beatinghead: Gawd. There is A SINGLE THING that is EVEN WORSE than using two decimal scales, and this is TWO AT A SAME TIME. I can imagine, at some beautiful day in the '60s, some intern in some government department has started to write up a proposal for conversion to metric, then attempted to...
  20. ResolvableOwl

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    You dress like a glacier valley? Ruined Lollipop swirl? 😜 Joke aside, I could imagine to first make two thin “inner inlay” columns in pure white/black: they then can hold an S-shaped plastic sheet in place, to fill the surrounding yin-yang “tails” (inside a larger circular mould) with a second...