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  1. Ethanperine@gmail

    Stripey Soap

    Wow you are doing a great job to just be starting out
  2. Ethanperine@gmail


    I buy mine from Amazon 10 pounds for 39.99 and I have prime so shipping is free. At the local ace I buy the 100% lye for drains but it's just a little bottle and it cost 30.00 and you have to show your driver license and they act like you are some kind of dope maker if you buy it a lot. CRAZY...
  3. Ethanperine@gmail

    Stripey Soap

    How long have you been soaping for?
  4. Ethanperine@gmail

    Stripey Soap

    Love all the different colors
  5. Ethanperine@gmail

    Moon Flower

    These are really pretty
  6. Ethanperine@gmail

    Soft Oil

    Thanks I have olive and sweet almond on hand.
  7. Ethanperine@gmail

    How to label

    I know I will have a lot to treat badly but I figure as soon as the weather breaks I will get out of the mood for soaping (fingers crossed I do) this habit is an expensive habbit. LOL.. Thanks for your feedback.
  8. Ethanperine@gmail

    Soft Oil

    I want to make some Whipped Body Butter. Instead of using avocado oil I was wondering what other soft oil I could use to replace it because I don't feel like running out 30 miles to buy any .
  9. Ethanperine@gmail

    How to label

    Thanks got it I done messaged one
  10. Ethanperine@gmail

    How to label

    After I posted I went to the new post and this one wasn't showing up so I wrote the other post then a little bit later I hit the new post and they were both showing up. Sorry for both post. How do I get someone to just delete this one? Also thank you for the links I will check them out.
  11. Ethanperine@gmail

    How to label

    So I posted over in the label forum, but I think the traffic of viewers are better here. So please delete if not allowed to post this here... So I am new to soap making and I have no plans of selling. Just soaping right now because the weather is nasty. So my question is: I was wondering if I...
  12. Ethanperine@gmail

    yesterdays soap

    Very pretty.
  13. Ethanperine@gmail

    SMF January 2019 SOAP Challenge - DOTS!

    Congrats!!! Everyone did a great job...
  14. Ethanperine@gmail

    Last weekend and this weekends soaps cut

    I can't pick a favorite I love them all...
  15. Ethanperine@gmail

    Round Confetti Soap - pic intensive

    Love these. Good job
  16. Ethanperine@gmail

    Some of this weekends soaps. Need to cut them yet.

    They are so pretty. I really love that Lavenender Marshmallow.
  17. Ethanperine@gmail

    Vanilla Color Stabilizer

    Have you ever had problems with it making your soap soft.
  18. Ethanperine@gmail

    Valentines Soap

    Love the swirls and all the pink. Very pretty
  19. Ethanperine@gmail

    Vanilla Color Stabilizer

    I bought a bottle from Natures Garden and have not used it yet. From the reviews it's about 50/50 on some liking the product and the others not liking it. But on the website for it 0.3% by weight.