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  1. K

    Dragonsblood and Sandalwood Patchouli

    Just a couple of soaps from a couple weeks ago
  2. K

    Water Creamation

    This was on the BBC World service. Basically they take your body, put it in a pressure chamber, and pump in a KOH solution under pressure and heat. (The pressure reduces the amount of heat needed to speed the process). Once all the fleshy bits...
  3. K

    May 2017 Challenge Entry Thread

    It's time! Please post at least one picture of one bar of your entry. Any info you wish to share regarding method, colorants, FO/EO is always appreciated. No comments please, just entries. If you wish to comment, please use the other thread.
  4. K

    Well I took another plunge

    The new Monoprice Select Mini 3D printer was released this weekend, so I ordered one. So next weekend I should be working on making soap stamps and soap dishes.... MP Select Mini
  5. K

    May 2017 SMF Soap Challenge - fluid acrylic cell pour

    Welcome to May's 2017 SMF Soap Challenge! PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THIS FIRST (and ALL Rules)- General Rules: 1. The only members eligible to vote are those with their names on the sign up list - regardless of whether or not you have submitted an entry. 2. This months voting will be password...
  6. K

    Happy Holi!

    Today is the Festival of Colors - basically the beginning of Spring in the Hindu religion. One of these days, I want to go to India and be part of this celebration. From Wikipedia - "It is the festive day to end and rid oneself of past errors, to end conflicts by meeting others, a day to...
  7. K

    Oh this forum is SO bad.....

    For my wallet. Not only do I find all kinds of soaping stuff I want - it keeps making me want to expand into other hobbies. I decided to try polymer clay to make soap dishes, but there are so many other cool things I have seen on YT. I started learning to crochet to make wash cloths. Now I...
  8. K

    New bars for family

    Here are the soaps that caused me to get angry with my silicone molds. The green, pink and white is for my mom. It's a simple itp swirl. Used Nurture colors and fragranced with WSPs bamboo lotus. The black, blue and white is for my brother and nephew. This is a tiger stripe with very...
  9. K

    So I got angry at my silicon molds...

    I had been waiting for 4 days to unmold 2 soaps I made - one for my mom and one for my brother. I used a heating pad and everything - but it did not gel. I may have to up my water amount... anyway, I decided I was fed up with them and went to the home improvement store.... So I now have...
  10. K

    I must have this!

    Knights of the Soap Force
  11. K

    First impressions of Northern Louisiana

    So, I made it to Monroe, LA last week. I am still waiting on my furniture to catch up (tomorrow is what I have been promised). 1. Its hot. And humid. And HOT. 2. People are very polite, and I really like it. I had forgotten what it is like to have every one say please, thank you and...
  12. K

    Oh Relle....

    What kind of bunny is this?
  13. K

    Changes, changes, changes

    So, it looks like I will be moving. I accepted another position inside of IBM. It is based in Monroe, LA. So at some point in the next couple of months, movers will come and pack up my apartment and I will drive 1000 miles South. Now the move does not scare me - but living in the south...
  14. K

    Things that make you go huh?
  15. K

    Trying not to laugh out loud at work

    So I am a programmer, and like to have something playing in my headphones so I can drown out the annoying co-workers around me... (stories for another day). So I listen to alot of Audible books. I just got the newest Patricia Briggs book - Fire Touched, a Mercy Thompson book. In the...
  16. K

    My lye storage setup

    I finally remembered to snap some pics of this. Here ya go. The containers from the lye guy fit perfect. If you do the buy 5 get one free from him, one has to sit on top of the desiccant container, but the gamma lis will still close with no issues.
  17. K

    St Valentines Day Massacre soap spin swirl fail

    Here it is. Used NG Green Tweed, which has never been a problem fo for me. This time it moved like a cheetah, and I almost did not get it into the mold. Sigh
  18. K

    Newest addition to my home

    So I recently became the carefiver for a new pet. Its name is Skeeter, and is a crested gecko. I'm not sure if it is male or female, it is only 6 months old or so. It might be a couple more before it is big enough to tell. My plan is to make a planted vivarium to house it as soon as it...
  19. K

    Neat looking crochet pattern...

    First, curse you all for enabling my desire to pick up hobbies and crafts. I am plotting a trip to Michael's now. Next, I found this video and though it looked really neat... so I though I would share.
  20. K

    New Video

    So I just posted my entry for the Soap Challenge Club. I won the entry, and the soap was a fun one, so there is not much skin in the game for me this time. But this is the first time I am using my new intro animation. Even from a template this thing gave me fits trying to figure it out, so...