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  1. Sonya is soaping

    Superfatting cream soap?

    Hi, I want to make a batch soap using a full fat cream frozen slushy in my lye. Just wondering if you usually superfat at 0% because of the fats in the cream? My other oils will be Tallow, olive, shea butter, coconut and castor. Normally I would superfat at 4 or 5%
  2. Sonya is soaping

    Old norsca fresh soap scent?

    So I asked hubby what smelling soap he would like me to make him and he replied something that smells like the old norsca fresh green soap from the 80 s or 90s? I've never used it, just wondering if anyone knows what EOs or fragrances would be in that?
  3. Sonya is soaping

    Titanium Dioxide

    I read in my soap book that titanium dioxide can make your soap less moisturising. Has anyone found this to be true? I'm wanting to use some in my next soap but wondering if I should superfat a little more to compensate or not?
  4. Sonya is soaping

    Working on Stain Removal soap bar

    So first I wanted to make a laundry washing soap, but ive read too many horror stories about rings of fat and grime left in the washing machine and then there's a whole blog about people soaking their clothes after years of using handmade laundry soap and the tub being filled with grotty water...
  5. Sonya is soaping

    M&P in hot process?

    Just wondering can I put Melt and pour clear cubes into hot processes soap in mould or will it melt?
  6. Sonya is soaping

    Help! Greasy soap

    Okay so I've made a few different batches. Some are 2 1/2 weeks cured right down to 72hr and all give me greasy feeling hands when I test used them. Even my salt soap. What am I doing wrong? Also my mica coloring come out in the bubbles/lather is that normal or am I using too much? I'm...
  7. Sonya is soaping

    Different types of soap to make list?

    Hi all, I was just reading Jan Berrys book 'Simple and natural Soapmaking' (excellent by the way) and was wondering is there a list here or anywhere that has all the different soaps you can make. For example: castille soap exfoliating foot soap gardeners hand soap Laundry soap Gentle baby soap...
  8. Sonya is soaping

    Your favorite exfoliating add ins

    Just wondering if everyone reading could add what there very favorite exfoliating add ins are? I haven't made a exfoliating soap yet but it's on my to do list. At the moment I've got poppy seeds and calendula flowers on my to do list. Would love to hear what other amazing things people are using...
  9. Sonya is soaping

    Any Shampoo bar with no rinsing

    I'm interested in shampoo bars but I'm wondering if anyone ever uses them without making their own vinegar rinse? Anyone had any luck with recipes that don't need rinsing afterwards or just use their regular store conditioner after?
  10. Sonya is soaping

    Soap for dry skin

    So, my 1st batch of lard soap no longer smells piggy YAY! So I'm trying to make a recipe for my dry skin. I'm a cleaner and am forever washing my hands and using chemicals. This is a recipe I have came up with. Can anyone comment whether it seems good or to add or delete something? I don't have...
  11. Sonya is soaping

    What to do with those ugly end bits?

    I like to cut the ends off my soap but it seems a waste to throw them out. What could I do with them?
  12. Sonya is soaping

    Help with salt soap recipe

    Hi, I'm wanting to make a salt soap with 50% salt, 80% coconut oil and 20% avocado oil with 20% superfat. Problem is I always use brambleberrys lye calc but it only goes upto 10% superfat. All the other calcs are too confusing for me. Could someone run this through a lye calc for me. I'm using a...
  13. Sonya is soaping

    Wine soap put in freezer?

    Hey, I have just finished a wine soap, used 100% red wine as my liquid! which was simmered first to get alcohol content out and then froze into slushy. Used quite a bit of turmeric to add a wonderful deep red color and have placed in freezer, as I have done with my milk soaps. Anybody else had...
  14. Sonya is soaping

    Smelly lard soap

    Hi all I've just made my first batch of soap and incorporated lard into the recipe. It's been curing 72hrs and I've noticed it still smells like fatty bacon. Yuck. I'm wondering will this ever go away or should I just throw it out now? Because of ghe smell it's really put me off of using lard in...