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  1. musmar.firas

    Oils suitable for swirls and designs

    Hello what I understand is that hard oils are (like coco butters, Shea butters, Palm and coconut) trace faster which make it more difficult to make CP soap with swirls and designs. can you please guide us if I want make soap with swirls and designs that doesn't have additives and FO: - what...
  2. musmar.firas

    Sugar to soap

    Hi I heard that Sugar can help with bubbles in soap. how much sugar I should add to Oils ? when I should add it? does it work with hot process ?
  3. musmar.firas

    Apple Cider Vinegar for Shampoo bars

    Hi, I heard that APPLE CIDER VINEGAR can be used to make Shampoo bars by replacing the water with VINEGAR to dissolve the NaOH. but i am confused how it will work as VINEGAR is Acid substance and NaOH is alkaline !! so mixing the NaOH with VINEGAR will remove the alkaline which is necessary to...
  4. musmar.firas

    wrong lye calcuation

    I have made charcoal and honey soap, the ingredients were as follows: Coconut Oil, 76 deg 200 Olive Oil 202 Palm Oil 200 Shea Butter 150 Castor Oil 50 everything was going great and i made the oil measures correctly as per above. by mistake, i deleted the palm oil from the...
  5. musmar.firas

    Soap curing

    I read in this thread and other threads that while curing the soap: you shouldnt put it on Metal and room shouldnt be hot. Why for both? what is the suitable temperature we are talking about? the room I am curing the soap can reach to 104 or even more.
  6. musmar.firas

    Essential and Fragrance oils effect on soap

    I am doing cold process soap. Every time I am adding the fragrance/essential oil to soap i am getting the same problem where the mixture start to crumble and oil start to come on the surface after pouring. Any ideas ?
  7. musmar.firas

    Soap without palm oil

    I try to run through soapcalc to figure out the recipe with high INC and low iodine and noticed that coconut oil needs to be high in most recipes in order to make INC +140. I use only liquid oils - I have only shea oi which is expensive compared to coconut. I use sunflower and olive oil in...
  8. musmar.firas

    Hello from Riyadh

    Hi, My name is Firas, i work in Finance sector for F&B business. i am new to Soap making as hobby. hope it will evolve to business later ;) i am starting with Cold process but facing a lot of issues till now but i will keep trying, i would like to thank you for this informative forum and thanks...
  9. musmar.firas

    Using food coloring

    Hi i tried to color the soap prepared in cold process using the red food coloring. when I use the soap the color is diluted with water and water become red. what wrong did I do? or is it using food coloring is not an option in soap making?