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  1. Chrissy Murphy

    Beginner layered soap

    I don’t at all take this the wrong way and thank you I have considered all those things as I own a salon as well. I know there are districts in Canada that say you cannot make it at home . Thank you again
  2. Chrissy Murphy

    Oops left out a oil

    Thanks Deanna ! Is this a private thread? Can I send u A pic?
  3. Chrissy Murphy

    Beginner layered soap

    So yesterday I did 4 loaves and screwed 2! However the results of the 2 that I didn’t screw up was great. My first screw up was a inference of someone talking to me while measuring me my second was I never used this particular fragrance and it riced so flipping fast I started to panic. I now...
  4. Chrissy Murphy

    Oops left out a oil

    Phew 7% is so little and in this case I will let it cure longer then usual. I’m still trying to understand super fat etc. I hate rebatching it’s messy and the last time I did this I put it in a food processor and mixed it with soda for laundry. Thanks everyone I will use a check mark next time...
  5. Chrissy Murphy

    Anyone know of any good wholesale supplier for essential oils?

    My last order from New directions was in aluminum. Maybe we should keep our dark bottles in the future.? Our world is changing every day.
  6. Chrissy Murphy

    Soda ash

    So in soap cal. I punch in 33%?( New to this ). When I took a soap class the teacher used 30% what happens when you use less? Does it trace faster? And thanks for a quick response
  7. Chrissy Murphy

    Soda ash

    I’m getting a lot of soda ash in my soap even if I cover it well. The soap cal recommended 38% water but I was told to use less to keep it from soda ash. What discount is recommended. please and thank you.
  8. Chrissy Murphy

    4 Thieves EO Blend

    Has anyone put it in soap making?
  9. Chrissy Murphy

    Using theives EO

    I saw a theives oil soap at the store and was curious how they did that. I found a recipe online it was all in drops measures. It was to annoying to calculate. I will just keep theives as room spray . Thank you
  10. Chrissy Murphy

    Using theives EO

    Hi everyone New here! Not new at soap making but newish because I’ve been using the same chocolate chip cookie over and over, I have been having fun exploring recipes. I usually use EO and love it however I’ve been playing with fragrance and have experienced ricing and my soap gettting super...
  11. Chrissy Murphy

    Using lard, oily soap result

    I have been making soap on and off for 20 years plus, however I used the same recipe over and over and now I’m exploring new recipes. My first recipe I used a lot had shortening which is the Same as lard? Pretty close, never a oily bar. It actually came out beautiful ans waxy. The other...
  12. Chrissy Murphy

    Ricing! What's the worst that can happen?

    I started using FO as its cost effective and have been making soap for 20 years, now I know what this. Never have I had this problem with EO. I usually make at 4.5lb and now I scale it down to 3lb and make sure I blend blend blend at a lower temp. My FO also made my salt soap turn yellow.