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    Can someone help asap!

    I used to use B&Q Sodium Hydroxide when it WAS 99% pure and it worked very well. Since they changed the branding to Diall it is not the same product at all ! I lost 3 batches before I realised that it was the Sodium Hydroxide to blame. Each time my soap went granular immediately like sugar...
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    Your mould will not affect your soap in that way. Was this a recipe you have previously used with good results or one you have made yourself ? You can make pine tar soap from any soap recipe. I think you were a bit hasty in throwing it away as it could have been saved. Tell us if you have...
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    Silk Cocoons have arrived

    Oh yes I would be interested ! :)
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    Getting frustranted

    I had similar problems with a newly purchased scale .... I took it back to the store.
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    How much Castor Oil ?

    Thankyou Irishlass :)
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    How much Castor Oil ?

    Thanks Woodi :) Just what I wanted ... :)
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    How much Castor Oil ?

    Thank you for your reply Lovehound. Not quite what I meant as I am not a novice, I should have been more specific :) In the experience of our soapers is there a point you have gone beyond when adding Castor Oil that has resulted in a bar which is just too soft and doesnt harden ?
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    How much Castor Oil ?

    What would be considered the ideal percentage of castor oil in a CP/HP recipe. Is there point where it becomes too much and results in a too sticky bar ?
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    His ashes were buried in a pringels can...

    He should stay nice and crisp then :)
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    It should be fairly hard, it will not be as hard as the 'dripping'. But the consistency seems to be somewhat variable from batch to batch from the supermarket shelves. Sometimes it can have a softer feel to it and have a slightly translucent look to it, other times it is harder and whiter.
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    Tea Tree Oil

    Yup, Thursday Plantation is essential oil, it's from Australia. It's good quality stuff but I would add a caveat on that one. I personally find Thursday Plantations oil a very 'strong' oil. You may have read that in aomatherpay there are only 2 oils that are said to be safe for topical...
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    I don't know where you are located in the world, but in the UK Dripping is beef fat and Lard is pork fat. Edited to add : Beef fat is what you would use when a recipe calls for 'tallow'
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    lye on ingredients list?

    It's interesting to see the contrast between USA and European cosmetic regulations.
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    FO's Behaving Badly

    No need to throw the soap pot out. Just scrape as much of the material out as you can and fill the pot with hot water for a little while - it's soap after all - self cleaning :)
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    What kind of scent would be good combined with eucalyptus?

    Yes :) The Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils. by Julia Lawless " The complete guide to the use of aromatics in aromatherapy, herbalism, Health and well-being" published by Element. ISBN 1-85230-311-5 My copy is 16 years old and well loved :) It contains a lot of information about...
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    Knowledgable Microsoft users just a question

    Dell uses is own tailored version of Microsoft operating systems ( OS). You could try installing it but the chances are that it will not work fully. Computer systems such a Dell and Compaq etc. use their own branded components and their OS software will carry only dedicated drivers for their own...
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    What kind of scent would be good combined with eucalyptus?

    According to my essential oil 'bible' Eucalyptus blends well with .. Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender, Marjoram, Pine, Cedarwood and Lemon. No doubt other members will have personal experiences and gorgeous combinations to offer. :)
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    lye on ingredients list?

    From a European viewpoint, we have to adhere to strict labelling rules. The ingredients list must contain what is actually IN the product, therefore Lye or Sodium Hydroxide would not be listed and to list it would actually be against the law- because it isnt in there :) We have to use the...
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    What is scourer in the process of soap manufacturing?

    Perhaps you could post a larger section of text so that we may see this in a better perspective. The 'scouring' could have been anything, possibly vessels and not necessarily the soap itself.
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    rebatch question -- not thin enough

    You could try 're-cooking' again to evaporate more water from it.