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  1. Dean

    Mineral Oil and Ash

    I used MO the fitst time on my cavity molds to prevent sticking cuz MO doesn’t react to lye I was told. Do u think the MO residue will prevent ash as well?
  2. Dean


    I freeze one hour after pouring to prevent partial gel. Someone advised here to freeze 24 hrs. If its frozen that long, can it be unmolded from the a silicone cavity mold while still frozen?
  3. Dean

    Natual Color Setting Time

    How many days does it take for natural colorant to set after pour? This question may apply to any colorant too. Basically I'm wondering how long it takes to see the true/permanent color of the soap after pour.
  4. Dean

    Salt and Hardness

    Ive been experimenting with salt for hardness in its diff forms lately...sea salt, SL and @Zany_in_CO faux seawater...with zeawater having the best results and SL the worse when unmolding. Considering that I don’t use OO which is reported to produce a hard bar by itslef, do u think if I drop...
  5. Dean

    2 in 1 Bar

    To use up the remnants of what could be considered a facial bar (no lauric/myristic acid), I stuck it to a new bar that could be considered a body bar (with lauric/myristic). It got me thinking. Has anyone intentionally created a 2 in 1 bar where its has two layers, one for the body and one...
  6. Dean

    Lather Lovers Additves Test

    Just came across this interesting article.
  7. Dean

    Orange EO 10-15 Fold

    Brambleberrys website is dn. Do u have a alternative vendor for orange 10-15x EO?
  8. Dean

    Almond Oil or Cocoa Butter?

    This recipe makes my skin feel incredibly soft. Is it the high Almond Oil or the Cocoa Butter that is causing the “softness” effect? 8O AO 15 CB 5 Castor
  9. Dean

    Gelling and Scent Strength

    All things being equal, the orange EO scent of my one and only batch of gelled bars is stronger than the ungelled bars. Do u think this is due to the gelling or over-measuring the EO on the gel batch?
  10. Dean

    Bar Price

    Fellow USA soapers, How much do you sell each bar for? If this query has been addressed in a recent thread, please re-direct me. Thanks in advance.
  11. Dean

    Rounded Edge Beveler

    Got a new veg peeler for beveling. Could not get a perfect bevel with it, plus I prefer a rounded edge. Is there a non-hand held beveler that creates a perfect edge?
  12. Dean

    Wax Paper Bag

    Anyone found a wax paper bag that works good for simple casual soap packaging? It seems like it would need a flat bottom bout an inch wide. Thx in adv.
  13. Dean

    Orange Juice and Orange EO

    My thang is orange soap. That’s all I make. I’m a one trick pony. I’m in an orange rut (not gutter @Hendejm) and don’t want out. Luv the scent. The EO gives it a boring pale ylw color so I deepen it a bit with a lil carrot juice. It took me a while to get the shade just right so it doesn’t...
  14. Dean

    Smells Good in Here

    ..sayz my lil nephew coming into the bathroom after my shower. I asked him if it smells like orange. He sayz, “yeah”. I replied its my soap. Nice compliment from the mouth of babes. :)
  15. Dean

    Lather Test

    Vets, What’s the minimum recommended cure time for initial lather testing? Thx in adv.
  16. Dean

    Natural Colorants

    I like the photo chart in this article.
  17. Dean

    Orange 10X EO

    I like a lightly scented soap so I use 3% EO in CP. I use my soap not long after cure ~6 weeks and the scent is fine. I've heard that citrus EO fades with time. My questions are, at what age of the soap will the EO fade so that's its not detectable when soap is lathered and how much EO should...
  18. Dean

    Avocado Oil

    As reported in a single oil soap test, AO produces a slimy lather and leaves a greasy feeling on the skin. I know that soap isn’t moisturizing but can AO’s greasy quality trnslate to a “moisturizing” effect if it is used in lower amounts? If so, what percentage is recommended to get the...
  19. Dean

    Bar Soap Making a Comeback
  20. Dean

    CPOP Tiny Bubbles

    I CPOPed for the first yestetday by putting the soap in a warm oven and turning it off. It forced gel as intended. Not sure if I like the color gelled. Perhaps it will change with time. The top of the soap is covered in tiny bubbles. Do the soaperts have any idea why CPOP caused bubbles and...