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  1. Anstarx

    Bubble-like structure in my potato soap

    I read about using potato in soap in the forum the other day and decided to try it, figured it would be fun to make a shower soap, and I'm making mashed potato for dinner anyway. After unmolding, I found odd bubble-like structure throughout the surface of my soap. I kinda feel like it's a half...
  2. Anstarx

    Frankincense or Benzoin?

    I'm designing a luxury facial bar recipe with an EO blend lately. It was a goat milk soap (first time using GM!) with luxury butter and oil, and I would like a gentle and soothing gender neutral EO blend. I have some EO on hand but I felt I want something that's heavy and gentle and build...
  3. Anstarx

    Kitty Paw Paw

    I've had this mold since I just started soaping. My first attempt with it was back in 2019, but those toe beans proved to be more difficult to pour than I thought. I also chose to use madder root since I only used natural colorants back then, making a mess of red brown and white. This time...
  4. Anstarx

    A Spreadsheet Soap Price Calculator

    I've seen people asking about a basic price calculator and figured I could share mine if anyone's interested. I only made it for myself so it's pretty basic and calculate the price batch by batch. I typically use it as a guideline and will consider other elements (cure time, difficulty to make...
  5. Anstarx

    My first proper rebatch!

    I've made rebatch before but this is the first time I rebatch in a mold instead of freee forming. I got a manual salad shooter/veggie chopper and that helped immensely with all the grating. Considering getting an electronic one if I plan to do more of this. The main body is two batches of choco...
  6. Anstarx

    Egg Yolk instantly congealing with castile soap

    I've made a batch of castile soap last year with cow milk as water and added one egg yolk to 400g of oil. It worked well overall so I decided to make another batch this year. I did everything the same way I did last time. Room temp 100% EVOO, frozen milk with a little water to dissolve the lye...
  7. Anstarx


    I've been wanting to make a batch of soap using milk butter for a while now but I've been procrastinating. During the holidays, I made some cookies and realized the butter leftover was exactly the amount I need, so I finally did it. Recipe is 50% unsalted butter, 15% rice bran, 15% wheat germ...
  8. Anstarx

    Sweet Pea Pinkee

    I tried to make a pink soap with cherry blossom scent at firs but my cherry blossom FO seized horribly. I really liked the color so I decide to remake it with sweet pea FO from Natures Garden. The trace was too thin when I poured so the texture wasn't the best, but I adore the color and the FO...
  9. Anstarx

    Rebatching with both oil and water

    I made a batch of cocoa butter soap last November but unfortunately it seperated a little when in mold. Since I was using a cylindrical mold, the parts of oil seperated leaked out of the mold. I measured the weight before and after the leak and roughly estimated that I lost abt 50g from the 500g...
  10. Anstarx

    Vegetable shortening vs Palm in soap?

    I use palm in my soap pretty often and it work well for me. However, the only thing I have to complain was that it always gives my soap a yellow tint. It fades over the time but it does need a long cure (3-4 months at least) and sometimes it doesn't fade at all, which can mess up my coloring...
  11. Anstarx

    Stout Ginger Cocoa

    Formulated with a gentle facial soap recipe: Shea butter, sweet almond, rice bran, olive, avocado, and wheat germ. Boiled & frozen stout for liquid. Scented with dark chocolate FO and ginger EO. I 3D printed a mold holder so the mold will be at an exact 45 degree angle, then designed and printed...
  12. Anstarx

    First Pumpkin Pie

    First of all I had to say that I'm actually not a fan of the real pumpkin pie lol. I'm just not a fan of pumpkin. But I was very excited to try make a pumpkin soap ever since I got this frosted pumpkin FO from natures garden. Colored with red clay, yellow clay, and pumpkin powder. This is also...
  13. Anstarx

    Dish Soap with Honey Locust

    Made with 100% CO and 0%SF. Honey Locust tea as water and honey locust powder at 3%. Individual bar mold with eucalyptus and mint EO. Honey Locust, or whatever name it should be in English because I had a hard time finding it, is a plant native to China. I used dried honey locust pods, they are...
  14. Anstarx

    How to avoid frosting in pillar candle? and other trouble shooting

    I recently want to try my hand at making candles. I ordered some glass jars to try making container candle but I definitely the possibilities with pillar candles. I made 4 test batches using palm wax, beeswax, soy wax and stearic acid. The beeswax and palm wax turned out as I expected but both...
  15. Anstarx

    Halloween Eyeball Soap

    Black part-MP+activated charcoal Red part-MP+red mica White-CP soap, scented with blueberry from NG, which oddly, made some brown-ish rings appear in finished soap during cure.
  16. Anstarx

    Miniature and not so miniature items I made (polymer clay and resin)

    Dug up some old phone photos and figured I should share. Polymer clay and resin were my go-to hobby before I moved so I have enough space to try soap making. I'm feeling a lil' burnout lately from soap making and considering taking a break, make less soap, and go back to polymer clay and resin a...
  17. Anstarx

    Teeny Tiny 100g batch taking hours to trace

    Well not necessarily hours but at least an hour for it to reach a light trace. So I made a batch of pumpkin soap and decided to have some frosting on top. SInce I only one one pipe of frosting on top I figured I probably just need 100g oil or so. I've made a layered soap that is basically 4...
  18. Anstarx

    What does soap supposed to taste like? (zap test)

    I don't make liquid soap often and I've never done zap test out of fear. I usually just sniff it for lye smells and it had been pretty accurate so far. Just made a batch of LS tonight. Normally I will let it set over night to make sure all lye has reacted. However, I was wondering if it's safe...
  19. Anstarx


    Forked layers. The color palette is more blue than I wanted but it did had the transition and difference that I like. My friend said it looks more seaweed than grass lol. Scented with Cucumber Splash from NG and some lemongrass EO.
  20. Anstarx

    A bucket of caramel popcorn!

    I didn't even realize NG has popcorn FOs until I watched the popcorn soap video made by Royalty Soap. Instantly added it into my cart. I was stuck on how to create a fitting deisgn for a while until I realize I can just use the dividers that come with my wide mold without swirling. Talk about...