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    some pics of my soaps

    Some of these pics are 5 years old!!....I need to take new ones, will do.... but my soap today looks pretty much the same as it did then, maybe less colorful now cuz I don't like colors leaching out onto sinks, tubs, counters etc.... I've become more simplified. but anyway, since jezzy...
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    would you mix rose with strawberry?

    I have fragrance oils of both - rose, strawberry-kiwi.....both are best-sellers on their own. and I was pondering mixing a bit of strawberry into the rose, for that "certain something"....touch of mystery? Sound good, or not?
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    HoneyBunches of soap - new pic

    I call this batch (which is OMH scent) 'Honeybunch'. Are these pics too small? I can enlarge them a bit. Here's the log, with its caramel-colored top (soon each bar will turn caramel-color): Peeling off the lexan is very easy when the soap doesn't stick : (please ignore the dark pool...
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    strange swirls

    So on Monday I made two batches of CP soap, and swirled them casually (I don't fuss, just mix quickly and hope for a nice surprise....) The blue is a mixture of Yuzu, peppermint, euc, lime eo's.....I find straight Yuzu too sweet, so mix in a few essential oils. I call it Misty Sea, and it...
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    Have you ever baked an edible with cocoa butter?

    I've been looking for dessert recipes with cocoa butter, with little success. Found one or two I might try this week. Will post if I make it. Cocoa Butter cupcakes: 2.5 ounces CB 3 large eggs 1 TBSP nut butter 6tsp honey 2 tsps vanilla extract 3/4 tsp baking soda 2 tsp lemon juice...
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    Craft show today!

    actually, a studio tour. I will be a guest with two painters, and am sharing my space with an old student who has been wanting to get into tours with me for years....she is now 70, looks 50 and is awaiting a biopsy report on something suspicious. My heart is with her, in the right place. (I...
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    has anyone used canolive oil? -new pic added

    I bought 4 gallons of it, to try, haven't made a batch yet (since my mother died in March, I've been in a fog). I emailed the company and they told me that their blend uses 60%olive, 40% canola. I am looking forward to making a batch with it, maybe today. anyone else ever tried this...
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    lye refuses to dissolve completely

    Just recently, after 10 years of making soap the same way and using the same, the lye will not dissolve! I tried it twice, ruining some oils in the the second time, I just added the undissolved gunk in anyways....wish it luck! I wonder if the lye just isn't as...
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    my mom died suddenly this morning

    She turned 84 this February, had been in a nursing home for 5 years after a stroke (following a heart attack and triple bypass surgery). Her personality changed 180 degrees following the stroke, as she lost her speech, and all she could say was "Beautiful, beautiful", "such a pretty!" and a few...
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    do you make your own laundry detergent?

    It's been a long, long winter here....still cold and snowy. I am tired, but need to make more and more soap for a show coming up in spring, and the one wholesale account I fill. Some days I wonder why I bother when I see recipes like this: from Mother Earth News online: *Try Sun Feather...
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    Saporito brand olive oil

    My supplier just told me he's now getting this new brand of olive oil instead of Hermes, mainly because it's closer to pick up. I checked online, found out it's 40% canola oil. Yikes! what a change this will make to my 50% olive bars. Not a happy camper today. :cry: :evil:
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    Help! Need your best noses advice

    I'm in the middle of a 15-bar batch, with 48 ounces of oils. I want to use this lovely .55 ounces of pineapple-cilantro by Brambleberry. But I need another ounce (or maybe just 3/4) of scent in here. I think what MIGHT go with it are either: pearberry fo orange eo lime eo grapefruit fo...
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    making soap today....are you?

    I haven't been in the soaproom in a week - too much celebrating then cleaning up afterwards. So today is the day! Batch #1 is in the pot cooling. It has 55% olive, 10% shea, and some castor, palm kernel and coconut....scenting with bay rum F.O. + a smidge of bay eo. I hope to make 2...
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    How's your weather?

    We Canadians LOVE to talk about weather, and it varies from province to province, so it's a neat topic for forums. It's cold and snowing now, I just went out to feed the birds, and 3 deer followed me around, licking up what they could. I put some piles out for them too, but they are hungry...
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    what is your favorite time to soap?

    morning? afternoon? evenings? wee hours of insomnia nights? and what is your preferred time? I am a morning person, and cannot think too clearly in the evenings, so I soap mornings, or sometimes wee hours of morning, (4 or 5AM) when DH sleeps until 7.
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    PKO softer than usual

    I just found a new supplier for palm kernel oil. They delivered next day to my door (and I'm on an unpaved country road). Very nice service. I also ordered some shea butter and cocoa butter. but the pko is about the same hardness as my bucket of coconut oil I got from my old supplier. I am...
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    I'm writing up a blurb

    for my salt bars. Ready to mail out for an order, they look like this individually: and I'm making up a little card to put inside. It says something like this: (I have resisted for 10 years making medical claims of any kind for my soap....but I'm hoping this is less medical and more...
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    made some salt bars

    Silicone muffin pans for molds, usual soap recipe with 48 ounces oils and added 24 ounces sea salt at trace. in molds: Unmolded next day but, on Day 2 in the cold basement, pools of oils formed on top. So I took bar upstairs and let it sit for another day in a warmer room. We heat...
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    Chocolate spread in soap?

    I'm wanting to give this a try, unless some soaper warns me otherwise: DH bought this to spread on toast, but it tastes too fatty so I'm going to use it in a batch of soap. Ingreds listed on the jar read: Will let you know how it turns out!
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    I love beeswax candles but...

    This morning we forgot to notice, as we lit the woodstove, that there was a fat candle sitting on it.....until later when the house filled with smoke and alarms went off while we were making breakfast. This is the culprit and now our woodstove is shiny, but will need more cleaning...