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  1. Shellonian

    Look what I woke up to!

    So here's my recipe, which is not one I've used before. Fragrances were (as requested) 3g of tea tree and 3g of eucalyptus for 1000g. I've never done a batch this large before either, and it killed my stick blender halfway through. I split and coloured it anyway and waited for it to thicken up a...
  2. Shellonian

    First attempt at replacing water

    I tried replacing all the water with aloe vera liquid. It seems nice, and passed the zap test, but I think I should ask exactly what the white bits are in case they're something really dodgy. It went so brown I wasn't expecting such a pale, creamy coloured soap, and I definitely wasn't expecting...
  3. Shellonian

    Pomelo soap

    So, having read on here that lemon zest makes a nice yellow, my fifth batch of soap had to contain my favourite fruit. If anyone wants to know, yellow and green zest goes in, orange speckles come out. Looks a bit like the wensleydale cheese with apricots in! I'm hoping it will smell of it...
  4. Shellonian

    Tussah silk alternative?

    Here's a random question! Could I use tencel or another vegan 'silk' in the same way that I would use tussah silk? Has anyone tried it? To be fair I haven't actually tried tussah yet ;)
  5. Shellonian

    New in south east UK

    Hello all! I'm new to this. Got a bit frustrated with plastic packaging and wanted to make things from scratch. That developed into a desire to work towards a little business now the kids are all at school. I'm currently studying a soapmaking business course online (wish it was in person)...