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    does it matter what oils i use for liquid soap

    i have only made cold process soap. i would like to try liquid, crockpot method. does it matter which oils i choose for my soap. i have lots of canola i need to use up. thanks ahead of time. renee
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    price of lavender 40/42 sky rocket

    has anyone ordered this lately . i know that last year was a bad crop year but it kills me to pay much. where have you found it lately resonably priced . thanks to all who respond
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    product smells

    somtimes my lotion bars or body butter smell like plastic. i get ing from soapers choice. anyone else have this problem. and i do use ess ential oils, i know we can only add 1% so ooo. thanks
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    therapuetic and grade a essential oils

    ok i have been trying to read up on essential oils grades. in your opinion what is your view. i have read from a young living site that they say them and only one other us dist. sells real therapuetic eo's. i read mountain rose herbs said they do the test like yl and they have therapeutic...
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    vitamin e to canola oil

    ok, due to dos i have decided to put the vitamin e in my canola oil, who is a good mathametician? how much vit e to 582oz of canola oil? thanks, renee
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    lotion bar question

    question??? i have a request for an oatmeal lavender lotion bar. how do i put oats in it without it being yucky. i make oatmeal soap, but you rinse that off. i do pulverize it in my magic bullet to a fine powder. can i put that in it? or can i infuse it into the oil part of the lotion bar...
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    just started school

    ian is not the only one going to give soothing therapy by way of massage. thank the good lord, i start school at irene's myomassology institute the past week and i am loving it. renee p.s. now if i can only get my brain cells working no spring chicken.
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    bug spray

    what oil would be good for bug spray and not leave spots on your clothes if it gets on there. or can i make a bug spray with witch hazel... would that evaporate too fast, i want to go all natural. thanks, renee
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    probably a dumb question

    what makes a m&p soap a m&p, i mean. how do they make it so that you can remelt it again... it is not cp, is not hp.... how do they make a soap that you can rebatch so easily and does anyone make their own m&p? i'm assuming there is some special ingredient or process that makes it...
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    ok, i pretty much have most of what i want my logo to look like worked out, but i need help getting it to look exactly like what i want. how do i find a company that will take what i have and work with me to adjust it, because i'm not very computer savy? how do i not pay an arm and a leg...
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    ook here goes another kooky question

    i just got my soap swap and there are a lot of organza bags... would you reuse for a gift maybe or do you use your organza bags as a soap sack and scrub up with them in the shower. i always reuse gift bags, and packing material, (saves the environment), do you think it would be gross to use...
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    canola and dos

    ok- i do have a couple of recipes where those bars end up with dos after time, question----how do i convert those to a non-canola recipe and still get the same great conditioning? my friends love my recipes(soaps) so i don't want there to be too much difference when i change the reicpe. what...
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    parrifin wax treatment...

    ok,, i know my questions are quirkey(like me). has anyone come across or used beeswax or soy wax in a parrifin wax treatment bath. ya know the ones i'm talking about, where you put your hands or feet in the wax bath, then they put gloves or footies on ya to soften skin. my sister is opening...
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    negative ions

    ok, i wanna know how ya feel or what ya know about beeswax and negative ions? do ya think its all a bunch a boo-haha or is there some substantial evidence in it. always looking for healthier atmosphere for me and kids with asthma and allergies. thanks, renee
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    hey you, i am just writing to see how you are feeling. i seen a post on march 16th and assume everything went well. i missed the post were you were going into surgery. hoping you are lounging with a laptop and with lots of aromatherpy oils soothing you into recovery.
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    soap stamp not sure if i did that right. i know it is hard to see, i have to take pics with my phone right now, because my camera is broke. this is a pic of my new soap stamp from owossographics i love it. it says shaejus soaps
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    look what i made

    this is just a first try messen around soapsack. didn't count any rows or anything. hope i can upload correctly
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    infrared thermometer

    i just gotta know has anyone invested in a good infrared thermometer? i am thinking about getting one. just know how to decide. thanks, renee
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    plastic bag/plastic wrap

    ok. this is probably silly, but do any of you worry about the plastic from whatever bag or wrap your using getting into your soap. (ya know it breaking down during the contact from pour and cure) they say that the plastic from water bottles breaks down over time and it gets into your drink...
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    other companies logo's

    ok. i have a friend who wants to stamp his companies name-logo on my soap and give to his customers. what would the bussiness/legal end of this look-like- anyone? do i need to make a special recipe just for his company or use one of my existing soaps as is? thanks ahead of time, renee