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  1. onmyway67


    Is typical homemade CP soap biodegradable as long as no artifical fragrance or colour is used? A typical lye/fats/essential oils type batch? Thanks :)
  2. onmyway67

    Mold Won't Let Go

    I'm new to all this, and my first use of a plastic take-apart loaf mold is not going so well. The mold is intended to unscrew and disassemble around the soap but it's stuck, and stuck hard. Any tips? Specifically, it is this item on eBay: ...
  3. onmyway67

    How to combine discount AND superfatting at trace

    I assume people do both. If you want to superfat with a particular oil at trace, what are the considerations when choosing a lye discount? What is the potential fallout of too much combined superfatting? Thanks in advance. :)
  4. onmyway67

    Amount of raw materials to get x pounds of soap?

    I understand there are formulas to calculate the amount of NaOH required based on the SAP values of various oils, and then a formula to calculate the amount of water to dissolve that in. However, is there a 'rule' for selecting the weight/volume of oils to fit in an x pound mold when creating...
  5. onmyway67

    Testing Forum's Patience for DUMB Questions

    I've got 2 CP batches under my belt, and plan to do a third one this weekend. Once I've poured my soap, I have a big fancy stainless steel bowl full of the left over goop. What is this stuff at this point? Is it soap? If so, why do I seem to need more soap to clean it? LOL. I told you it was...
  6. onmyway67

    New to Soap, New to the Forum

    Hi all! Glad to be here. I've completed two of what I hope are many batches of CP soap to come. They're curing in my basement right now. One stinks (BAD choice of EOs) , and one doesn't. I bought 'The Soapmaker's Companion' and set out to gather everything I needed as economically as...