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  1. J

    Ivory Soap

    Here it is: ... =microwave
  2. J

    Ivory Soap

    I think someone has actually posted one of those soap-microwave videos on here in the past.
  3. J

    favorite bbq recipes

    I'm not really much for cooking, but I have a fabulous summer drink recipe. It's alcoholic, but you can substitute the alcohol for something else like club soda, sprite or juice if you prefer. I don't have an exact recipe. I always just wing it on amounts and measurements. It always seems to...
  4. J

    Hello I'm new !!!

    hi :)
  5. J

    New to forum

    hi :)
  6. J


    Green tea is my favorite
  7. J

    Jewelry making

    Anyone else do any jewelry making? I've been on sort of a beading kick lately. I'd love to see what other people are doing. Anyon have any jewelry projects they are working on? Anyone have any pictures to post?
  8. J

    Skirt making

    You could add fun things to them like lace trim or beads. Sounds like a fun project. I think i might have to try this as well. Post some pictures! I want to see how they turn out.
  9. J

    The question game

    Paris What is your favorite holiday?
  10. J

    The word association game

  11. J


    Welcome! Glad to have you with us.
  12. J

    The animal game

  13. J

    What are your guilty pleasures?

    ditto on the chocolate, especially brownies
  14. J

    Valentines day

    Nothing, since i'm single this year :(
  15. J

    This or that?

    Go out to dinner - that way i won't have to do dishes! Windows down or AC?
  16. J

    Seen any good movies lately?

    I rented the movie You, Me and Dupree last night. It was funny.
  17. J

    I'm sick of being sick!!

    I feel your pain. I've had a cold or something all week. I'm at work right now and i can't wait to go home so i can eat some chicken noodle soup and then curl up in bed.
  18. J

    Adding herbs or flower petals to my soap

    This is actually something i've been wondering too. I'm sure you can add them, as I've seen it done before I'm just not sure the correct way to do it.
  19. J

    beginner soap maker

    Welcome to soap making and the board. Beware, they both will become an addiction.