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    Nutrioli Pure Soybean Oil?

    I just found this "Nutrioli Pure Soybean Oil" at Walmart, but it's ingredients says: "Soybean Oil, Tbhq (Antioxidant)". I'm guessing Tbhq is probably something we want to stay away from?? When I googled it, it said it was used as a preservative. Anyone else know anything about tbhq, or has...
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    Peppermint EO *literally* sticking

    Hey CP soap friends, Years ago I made a peppermint eo oatmeal cp soap and I literally had to get a crowbar to get it out of my molds! I never wanted to make it again, but I had customers who wanted it, so I lined my molds with freezer paper every time I made that batch and that was the only way...
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    Amazon soy wax?

    Has anyone ever purchased this soy wax from Brandon's Candles LLC? Just wondering if it's reputable...
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    Looking for a Palm-Free New Basic Recipe

    Hi Soap Friends, I've been using the same "basic soap recipe" for years now - 31% olive oil, 29% coconut, 28% palm, & 12% sunflower, with a 5% superfat with shea butter. I love this recipe and use it for almost all of my soaps. BUT, I'm not crazy about palm - it's unsustainability, it's...
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    Cocojojo Organic?

    Has anyone purchased from this company before? I was searching on Amazon for Rosewater Essential Hydrosol and they came up with good ratings. So I checked out their website and they have good prices (some better than their own product on Amazon) and free shipping. Just wondering if anyone has...
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    Recycling bottles??

    Has anyone tried recycling bottles? I added shower gel to my line of products just this past summer. I had some customers return to me 4 empty bottles & said that I really should consider recycling bottles - that this is very important to today's generation. I agree wholeheartedly, BUT how can I...
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    Sesame Oil vs. Toasted Sesame Oil for lotion

    Hi there! I just made a great lotion recipe that used a small amount (2oz) of sesame oil. I used some from WSP and I love how the recipe turned out! Unfortunately I only ordered 2oz (why??!!) and now I'd like to make more. Toasted sesame oil is easy to find locally, but that is darker and...
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    New to the group but not to soaping :)

    Hi there! My name is Gretchen B and I've been soaping since 1998 (with a 6 year hiatus when I had little ones in the 2000's)! I absolutely love it!!! I make it for myself and my family, but also sell too. Not a lot, mostly enough to break even. :) I have made mostly CP soap, but also just...