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  1. Cheddarr

    Confetti soap - How to make it look good?

    Has anybody been able to take their leftover soap bits and make it into a nice looking soap? I have so much to work with! I saw somebody on instagram made one with clear melt and pour that looked good and may try that.
  2. Cheddarr

    What are your favorite FO's to use?

    I will start this off by sharing what FO's i have used and like the most so far. I use 1 oz/ per 1 lb of oil. 1: New Directions - Peaches n Cream ( smells amazingly good, sticks well and scent is strong in the soap after 3 months) 2: New Directions - Bay Rum ( love the smell of this, smell...
  3. Cheddarr

    Crafters Choice Berries & Cream = RICE

    Smelled nice out of the bottle but after adding it to the soap , it separated. I then proceeded to make hot process soap but the end result is a gross smelling soap. 7 lbs of soap wrecked!