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  1. gingerbellsgifts

    making sachets

    I want to make some sachets for my drawers and I don't have any orris root to fix the scent. Is there a substitute that can be found at grocery store? Corn starch perhaps? Thank you
  2. gingerbellsgifts

    High quality melt and pour base

    Hi all I have been looking for a high quality melt and pour base. I want to add a little something different to my current inventory of cp soaps. I saw the base on wisteria lane's web site has any one tried it? I am looking to find something with out a ton of chemicals. Any suggestions...
  3. gingerbellsgifts

    packaging question

    Here is a photo of how I have been packaging my soaps. It is parchment paper underwrap and a handmade paper band. I like the looks of it but there is a problem. I sent some goats milk cp soap to a customer in Hawaii and when she got it she...
  4. gingerbellsgifts

    New member

    Hi my name is Ginger. I have been making creams and soaping using others cp bases and rebatching them. I enjoy it and I am interested in learning to make my own bases in the future. I have an online gift shop on Etsy and I am always busy making things. I like soaping it is a relaxing...