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    Soapcrafters...anyone use them recently?

    I was curious if anyone has used soapcrafters lately? I just had a bad experience with them and am in the process of a dispute thru paypal over it. I never received my order...and they already were paid thru paypal the $88.37. When I emailed the email came back "permanant...
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    Our son... yellow lab and more

    Just wanted to share a bit of my life...and my pride and joy. Our child....Sigi...pronounced Sidge gee ;) He's Sicilian...very hard headed...kinda like my husband :twisted: lol. My husband and I....kinda blurry..but he doesn't like pics and this is all I have on this computer...
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    pics of today's batch

    My first batch with some of my new colorants! I decided, what the heck...I want to try a double swirl. I can't wait to cut it! I colored it with sunshine from celestial colors...then used the blueberry pop and the apple green pop from TKB for the swirls. I used a combination of creamy...
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    choosing colorants

    I know this has been talked about, but I need opinions before I buy. I've narrowed my choices down to 3 that I've read up on. Celestial Colors from Cherry Tree Scents Lab Colors from BB Select Shades at Tradewinds I also looked at Peacock offered at Souther Soapers, but they don't...
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    first cp soaps in my TOG

    I have been reading and reading and doing more reading on doing CP soap (have been doing M&P for a few months). I received my TOG mold from Paul awhile back and I finally took this Holiday weekend to try my first CP soap. My husband was away on a fishing trip so it was the perfect time to work...
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    a late hello and introduction

    I registered here over a month back...and never uttered a word since LOL. I'm usually more of a reader than a poster...kinda quiet I guess. I've been dabbling in making a few things for myself. Mainly bath salts and lotions with EO's...and now melt and pour soaps. It all started with...