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    does it matter what oils i use for liquid soap

    thanks you guys. appreciate you taking the time : )
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    does it matter what oils i use for liquid soap

    i have only made cold process soap. i would like to try liquid, crockpot method. does it matter which oils i choose for my soap. i have lots of canola i need to use up. thanks ahead of time. renee
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    Peacock Swirl

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    body spray and message oil

    i would call the store to see what it was mixed with to be sure... but you have massage oil posted in ur title.. so i will assume it was a carrier oil... as essential oil is not to be used full potency directly on your skin. the carrier oil could be one of many.. coconut,almond,grapeseed.. or...
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    price of lavender 40/42 sky rocket

    yes, i was wondering if anyone planned on raising their prices due to supplies being more... and i'm not sure i follow the donation for 8.00...
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    price of lavender 40/42 sky rocket

    p.s. never tried essential depot either : )
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    price of lavender 40/42 sky rocket

    oh thanks, i have never ordered from camden gray that is a huge price diff. i will try them
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    Essential Oil Question

    if you use a citrus remember they skip out of product quickly. you may need an anchor to hold it.
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    price of lavender 40/42 sky rocket

    thank you, shocked that wsp it is 74.25 for 16oz.. that is my usual place since it ships free and fast
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    price of lavender 40/42 sky rocket

    has anyone ordered this lately . i know that last year was a bad crop year but it kills me to pay much. where have you found it lately resonably priced . thanks to all who respond
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    My latest

    wow, great swirl
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    Lotion Bars

    those are beautiful! ... rs&start=1 ... 9037#21022 not sure what size you need but that is one alternative. and if you google heart shaped tins you will come up with sites.
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    Just venting...

    oh boy, i'm sorry i hope everything works out.
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    what I learned from my first soap market experience (picts)

    beautful soap n setup i do mine set up similiar, with baskets. awesome post with feedback about your exper. thanks
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    Just venting...

    hmmmm wine therapy, luv it : ) sorry to hear about your prob. i am thinking of getting a web store other than etsy, do u mind if i ask who u have?
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    i have a recipe where i use it at 3%. i know they say just use a small amount but i like the way my soap hardens with that recipe. i melt beeswax and oils together and then mix with lye. happy soaping
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    Soaps this week - Pic Heavy

    gawgus dawling. :D
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    Working with beeswax

    lol, i must have bought pellets just in time before burnout