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    Gelatinous Mess

    I used an infrared thermometer and poured at 133 degrees F. Halfway through, the soap turned into a gelatinous mess. Was it too cold or was I too slow? Any ideas?
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    Gelatinous mess

    Hi there, I'm using a new infrared thermometer and I poured at 133 degrees, but halfway through the pour, the soap turned into a gelatinous mess. Presumably, it was too cold? Or was I working too slow? I'm thinking of going back to my candy thermometer and guessing. Any ideas as to what went wrong?
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    I'm a bit embarrassed to ask the question. It's so basic. What is the cause for separation of layers? It's never happened before. Should I have let the bottom layer harden longer (it bled into the 2nd layer) The top layer was 130 degrees F. and separated at the top level. Also, I used two soap...