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    Liquid Soap with minimal hard oils

    Can I make a liquid soap with less than 30% hard oils ex: coconut or palm?
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    Curing time

    Hi I have heard there is a process to make ls without having to cure it for a week is that true?
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    Hi from Indiana

    My name is MommaSoap and all I have made is m&p soap but looking to venture out into hp soap and liquid soap. Very excited that I found this group. I signed up and didn't use it because had some other things going on in life but now ready to kick my soap making into full gear.
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    Skin Scent

    I put fragrances and eo in my m&p soap and they eo does fine and the scent stays on the skin for awhile. Is there anything I can do or something I can add to the soap to make the scent last on the skin?
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    Can you use a beer brewing pot for melt and pour?

    I am looking to increase the amount of mp soap I make and looking for a pot with a spigot. I didn't know if you could use a beer brewing pot.