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    Wine soap

    I've wanted to try it as well. We also make homemade wine...and would love to use it in soap. I do know from reading around that it needs to be boiled beforehand, but curious how it ends up after it cures. Would love to hear anyones experience with it.
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    Soapcrafters...anyone use them recently?

    I was curious if anyone has used soapcrafters lately? I just had a bad experience with them and am in the process of a dispute thru paypal over it. I never received my order...and they already were paid thru paypal the $88.37. When I emailed the email came back "permanant...
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    tradewinds fragrance company

    I bought the SS a month back from them and although I've only soaped 2 batches since then...the colors sure were true. I would recommend them.
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    Tooth ache

    Lane...I've gone thru the same thing with roots from wisdom teeth not being removed properly. I had several roots removed from both upper sides 5 years ago. Apparently when those wisdom teeth were taken out years and years ago...some roots were left behind :x You would "think" they would take...
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    Tooth ache

    Thank goodness. I'm glad you went to a dentist. How'd you make out? I had my root canal on Friday and the dentist said I still had some lingering infection in that tooth so I have another week of antiobiotics. He said it was one of the worst tooth infections he's seen. I was so embarrassed...
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    Tooth ache

    Holy crap Lane! Girl...I FEEL your pain. I suffered a horrible abscessed tooth 2 weeks ago. I went 2 days and finally got an emergency appointment. The left side of my face looked like I had a tennis ball in there..overnight. NOTHING WORKED for that pain. Not clove oil, salt, vodka...
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    The Geisha's Kimono 5 color swirl

    WOW! That is spectacular!
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    Our son... yellow lab and more

    Hey Ian...great idea...I will try that next year when we get ants in the spring. We had flying ants in the house for a week...I thought they were termites!!! Some people say not to use the vaseline because it could get on the hummers...however...I've only put the vaseline on my...
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    Our son... yellow lab and more

    Thanks for looking...and yeah...Sigi is adorable...I can't help but brag about him..I just love him. He is a big boy though. He weighs 115...but he's always been a big boy..even as a pup. He's had cataracts since he was young...genetic thing I guess. But he can see out of one eye...and dang...
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    Our son... yellow lab and more

    Just wanted to share a bit of my life...and my pride and joy. Our child....Sigi...pronounced Sidge gee ;) He's Sicilian...very hard headed...kinda like my husband :twisted: lol. My husband and I....kinda blurry..but he doesn't like pics and this is all I have on this computer...
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    Not sure if I posted these shots but check it!!!

    Cool photos Ian. Love the water...but not fond of I don't venture in the ocean much past my waist lol. When I go to Cape May in the summers...I love to watch the people surf if the waves are good.
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    Silicone Tray

    I was just wondering something similiar to this myself. I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and saw a package of 2 silicone baking mats. I was wondering to myself if I could somehow line a mold with it. (I just bought an IKEA fira storage thing and was looking for an easy way to line some of the...
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    Where can I buy sodium hydroxide?

    Lowes has the Plumbing aisle. My local True Value will order it for me, they just don't keep it on the shelves, except for 1 bottle at a time. We have known the owners of this True Value for years and if they don't have it...if they can order it for you, they will.
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    Soap making classes in NJ

    I'm also in NJ, South Jersey..close to Philly. I've not seen any classes offered anywhere either. Where abouts are you 2 located?
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    I love that...very cool looking!
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    My 5th batch - flirting with colour

    Cool soap mold choice for the large slab. That looks like the bottom of a tupperware marinating container that I have. That WOULD make a great massage bar mold! Good job!
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    pics of today's batch

    Thanks everyone! My husband came home yesterday and loves the way his soap looks too. I made 2 more log batches yesterday before he got home. Haven't unmolded yet, but they look so pretty in the mold.
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    TKB colors

    I just posted pics of my first batch with TKB's pop colors in the project forum. The colors are true...and stunning! If you order their get quite a bit! A little goes a long way!
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    pics of today's batch

    Here are the cut pics. I need to work on getting the swirl into the bottom. I poured a bit too thick I think. I still like the way it turned out though. I got a complete full gel, which I wasn't sure I'd like, but it makes the colors much brighter.
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    pics of today's batch

    My first batch with some of my new colorants! I decided, what the heck...I want to try a double swirl. I can't wait to cut it! I colored it with sunshine from celestial colors...then used the blueberry pop and the apple green pop from TKB for the swirls. I used a combination of creamy...