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  1. K

    Advice on Criticism

    This is pretty much why I have severely cut down on posting especially to new people. Sometimes I can't help myself, but I am really trying to get better about just not saying anything.
  2. K

    I made this soap stamp

    For most printers you can use to design a 3d model. Then you have to use a slicer program to turn the 3d model into gcode that the printer can use. Slic3r or Cura are 2 freeware programs. You then just have to load the gcode to the printer which the library will...
  3. K

    Making EO Blends; Wholesaler for EO?

    Yes there are. For anything under a 100 grams I would use a jewelers scale with as high of a precision as you can afford. I don't make stuff like this, but I would just give your eo blend a good mix before portioning out
  4. K

    Making EO Blends; Wholesaler for EO?

    Um, a scale? It depends on how big of a batch you want to make. Small batches might need a jewelers scale, that weights to the .01 g That is why you should use a pipette or a pouring rod. But if he is making...
  5. K

    Making EO Blends; Wholesaler for EO?

    You should not be going by drops, but by weight. Drops are not at all accurate - some are bigger than the other, its easy to accidentally get an extra drop or 2, and as you have discovered - it is very difficult to scale up. So I would calculate the % of each EO in your final blend and then...
  6. K

    What soapy mistake have you made today?

    What is your lye concentration?
  7. K

    First Ever Batch - What's the white layer?

    This is not a 100% foolproof method for preventing ash. Several people on the forum, myself included have had this not work.
  8. K

    Lard V no Lard

    Great Value, it is the in house brand for Wal Mart.
  9. K

    Stearic Streaks or Soda Ash?

    If it is ash it will wipe off with a damp paper towel.
  10. K

    stronger scented soap

    How big were your batches, and how much EO blend did you add, and what is the blend's ratios?
  11. K

    Asking for ideas for a bold swirl technique

    Well I do not know what you consider medium. I would want it about like honey at room temp. The higher you pour from the more break thru you get
  12. K

    Citrus/Hibuscus Tea Soap

    Don't be surprised if you get a little odd discoloration around the leaves. Organic matter in soap usually does not deal well with the high pH environment and will turn an unpleasant brown.
  13. K

    Citrus/Hibuscus Tea Soap

    That is not a high amount of stearic acid. The risk is that you usually have to hot process using pure SA, it requires a much higher temp to stay melted, and almost instantly saponifies so can cause strange spots in the soap. Your bees wax is about 4% - which many think is high, mostly for...
  14. K

    Asking for ideas for a bold swirl technique

    No, that is a drop swirl in a loaf. Looks like it was a bit thicker so as to not cause alot of fall thru
  15. K

    thin lotion

    Guys, we need to calm down - this is a new person - and they might not be sitting online waiting to receive our collected wisdom. Give them 24 hours or so to respond again.
  16. K

    Asking for ideas for a bold swirl technique

    I would also suggest a tiger stripe, maybe in black and white or in blues and grey/black. Black and White:
  17. K

    pH question

    No. Test strips won't tell you if there is unreached lye. You have to make a 1% solution of soap to distilled water. Depending on your mix of oils you could see high 9 to 12 and it be fine. Most of the people here have zap tested. None of us have died or even been seriously injured by it...
  18. K

    thin lotion

    IT is both the stearic acid and the emulsifier that thickens the lotion. Also solid oils like cocoa butter or shea butter can help thicken. Like Deeanna said, if you don't tell us the ingredients and go thru your process step by step there is no way for us to point out what happened...
  19. K

    Ingredients of so called natural soap.

    Sounds like they are giving the INCI info for the essential oils in the soap to me.
  20. K

    Can't wrap my head around labeling

    Each mica on the Nurture site lists the INCI. For New leaf it is INCI: Mica, titanium dioxide, chromium oxide green. So, if that is the only color in your soap, at the end of your ingredients you list those 3 things. If you use several different colors, go thru and get each INCI, remove any...