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  1. J

    Jewelry making

    Anyone else do any jewelry making? I've been on sort of a beading kick lately. I'd love to see what other people are doing. Anyon have any jewelry projects they are working on? Anyone have any pictures to post?
  2. J

    bottles and containers

    Where do you get your bottles and containers? So far I've just barely dabbled into B&B making, so I've just made small batches for personal use and put them in old bottles I've had around the house - not quite suitable for gift giving or selling. Where do you buy your containers? Are there any...
  3. J

    Maybe this is a dumb question. . .

    But really what is the difference between lotion and body butter? I know body butter is generally thicker, but is that the only difference?
  4. J

    Warming scrubs??

    I've tried products (usually scubs, from what I've seen) that have a warming effect on the skin. What is it that causes the warming? And how does it actually work? A recipe would be awesome :)
  5. J

    shea butter

    Where do you get your shae butter from online?
  6. J

    Dog shampoo?

    I make shampoo bars for my family, but after looking at the price of dog shampoo I think I'd just like to take a stab at making that myself too. Anyone have a good recipe?
  7. J

    Wintery lip balm ideas

    I'm trying to make christmasy flavored lip balms and glosses for all my neices this year. I want to have an assortment for them to choose from. Some of the flavors I've come up with are peppermint, cinnamon, sugar cookie, gingerbread and cranberry. Anyone have any other suggestions for flavors?
  8. J

    Coffee candle

    Here are step by step instructions for making a coffee candle:
  9. J

    What got you into soap making?

    Just curious how everyone got involved in soap making. For me, i went to the fair with my aunt and saw a booth with the yummiest scented homemade soaps. After using the soap I knew I could never go back to regular store bought soap and set out to learn how to make it for myself.
  10. J

    Creative soap molds

    What are some of your favorite items to use as molds? I'm not talking about actual mold, but the things you find around the house to use as molds. What have you found that works well? I've used everything from pringles cans, ikea ice cube trays and drawer organizers.
  11. J

    Where is everyone from?

    Just curious where everyone is located. I'm in Dallas.
  12. J

    My first craft show

    My first craft show is coming up in a couple of weeks. Any tips for a newbie?