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    White marks and sodium citrate

    Thanks to this amazing community I seem to have eliminated my problems with DOS. Since advice on this forum from Dee and others I’ve started adding sodium citrate and Rosemary extract oil to my batch, seems to work a treat! I just wanted to know if I was adding sodium citrate correctly to my...
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    Soap volcanoes and false trace

    Hi everyone I’ve been having some difficulty working out if my recipe is having problems with false trace or if it’s a problem with the recipe components. I seem to get volcanoes during the winter months, also yesterday I believe I got false trace as the batter thickened very quickly. I...
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    Dreaded Coconut Oil

    Hi Everyone ☺ My name is Mary. i am around 8 months into my soap making journey, something I decided to pick up to keep myself occupied at the beginning of the lockdown. I would love to start selling my coconut oil soaps but I seem to be having issues with DOS. I have done some water...