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    Taiwan swirl

    What type of cutter do I need to cut a 2lb loaf for Taiwan swirl?
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    Oregon Trails fragrance oils

    I really love Oregon trails for fragrance oils. I’m about to put in a big order and want to know If anyone has an absolute favorite they’d like to share with me. I really love their frankincense and myrrh. Ylang ylang, mystic myrrh and others but just want to know if I’m missing out on a gem. 🤣
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    Am I cutting too soon?

    Here’s pics of my 5th batch of soap. This one has beef tallow, olive oil, safflower, rice bran, coconut and castor. I waited over 24 hours to cut probably 30 and it looks too soft to me. I’m wondering if it’s my recipe or cutting too soon. It’s like xmas morning, it’s so hard too wait! I did a...
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    Check my recipe

    So I’m on my 3rd batch of soap. Today I only had a certain amount of palm oil so I played around and created my own recipe. Everything was going good until it took a long time to come to trace and I ended up adding sodium lactate right into the batter. 🤔 Then it came to trace but i was not able...
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    Second Batch

    This is my second batch I made yesterday. Any advice is welcome. Is there something wrong with it?
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    I did it! Made my first batch!

    So I’ve been reading, collecting materials and watching utube videos for months and I mean 6 months. I finally made my first batch today! Here’s what happened.... I made my soap calculations wrong. 😭 I made the batch for my mold and it gave me a huge amount, duh. I knew this but I forgot I...
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    Does anyone have a good supplier for violet fragrance oil? I want something that reminds me of the old fashioned violet candies my grandma used to give me.
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    Hi everyone, I have 2 carts on nurture and madmica. Please tell me your favorite colors and fragrance oils on theses sites.
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    I’m getting started in making cold process and I want to know what are the basics you think I need to start with? I have a list in brambleberry, nurture and amazon. Any tips? Thanks in advance