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    Mostly tallow soap

    I stopped by a farm store for some fresh beef, and while I was there I asked about some beef fat for making tallow. He told me all he had was top quality Wagu beef fat and it was $2 a pound. I told him I didn't care about quality all that much as I wasn't going to eat it. He stared at me a...
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    Blackberry juice in hot process

    I was bottling a batch of blackberry vodka yesterday and of course my hands ended up stained purple. I know most botanicals turn brown in cold process, but has anyone tried coloring soap with blackberries in hot process?
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    Salt bars

    I'm going to attempt a salt bar. I got a recipe from this forum that specifically says use fine sea salt, but not himalayan salt. I have a book that says never use sea salt, use table salt or himalayan salt. Has anyone had bad experience with one kind of salt or another?
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    Silicone vs acrylic mold

    I went to Hobby Lobby today and on the soap aisle I saw an acrylic mold that appeared to come apart- it had wing nuts and rods holding it together. I was about to buy another mold, but had been looking at silicone molds. Does anybody use this type mod, and do you prefer silicone?
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    Long term storage for soap

    I've read several accounts of soapers finding and using old bars and enjoying them more after really long cures. I'm going to store a bar from each batch to try later on- is a cardboard box fine, or is there a special way you'd store these?
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    What turned my soap yellow?

    I made a Bastille yesterday, with Zany's faux seawater in place of regular water for the lye solution. It was 75% olive oil, 8% castor oil, 10% coconut and 7% unrefined shea. Any ideas what could have caused it to turn yellow? It actually looks pretty good in this bar, but I'm trying to...
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    Hey y'all!

    I recently retired from a stressful career and I'm in the process of trying every hobby I've ever wanted to but didn't have time for. I'm completely in love with soap making. I'm on my 6th batch. I love hot process and rustic looking soap. Thank you in advance for your advice. I'm going to...