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  1. chaoticbanshee

    wax melts getting things right

    ok guys i need help with a couple of problems ive been trying to get these right for a while now i have now got my scent mastered depending on the scent. but my problems now are as follows 1. I'm using mica in my wax melts and when they melt the mica seems to sink to the bottom. 2. when my melt...
  2. chaoticbanshee

    Soap suppliers

    Hi guys I'm looking for recommendations for suppliers of all things soapy not had much luck so far other than hobby craft needs to be in or ships to the UK
  3. chaoticbanshee

    One little question

    Does melt and pour need to cure or is it ready once set?
  4. chaoticbanshee

    New at mp soap HELP

    Hi guys I'm new to this forum I'm also new at soaping I'm gunno try mp for the first time in the next few weeks I've watched loads of YouTube video about mp soap and they all say you need like 1% of oils and essential oils to your soap but there no clearer on the situation can anyone help me...